JaxonMillsx Twink Sex Webcam

Are you looking for a twink who can obey? Look no further than JaxonMillsx. This white sexy boy is the perfect bottom for your dirty fantasies. He is submissive in a way that makes him so hot, because he gets turned on by men who can put him in his place. His shows are some of the most exciting gay sex webcam experiences you will find on the web. Not only that he acts like a total cumslut, but he dresses like one.

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JaxonMillsx Twink Sex Webcam

He can be a classic webcam twink for you, or you can have him dress like a femboy, with panties and stockings. Anything a submissive bottom would do he does for his daddies. Besides anal, deepthroat, and any other regular kinks, Jaxon is also ready to please your BDSM video chat fantasies. You will love watching him punishing himself with nipple clamps and self-spanking and paddling.

Dirty_Pothos Cam2Cam Show

Pothos is a pretty Russian boy with an athletic build, and an incredible talent for dancing. He just loves to make sensual moves and watch you on a live cam2cam show. He wants to see a bulge in your pants while he’s passionately thrusting his hips, shaking them around, and moving his hands over the nipples and six-pack.

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Dirty_Pothos Cam2Cam Show

It comes as no surprise that he’s a professional strip-dancer, and he’s quite confident in his skills to make you cum without even showing off his cock. But if you’re a tough nut to crack, then his big cock will seal the deal. Once he takes it out of his pants, you will instinctively kneel to suck him off while jerking your cock off.

Or you can stroke together, it makes for a much longer session, full of twists and turns, building up the orgasm properly so you reach one like never before. Needless to say, as a professional performer and entertainer, he’s got plenty of other tricks. Foot fetish is one of his go-to kinky plays during the cam show.

He loves oiling up his feet and playing around with a dildo while you’re imagining it’s your stiff cock he’s doing the work on during live gay footjob sessions. The slow, controlled movements from the tip all the way down towards the shaft are worth every penny. Finally, he really does want to see you cum, all the white, delicious liquid pouring down your cock is something he takes great pride and joy in.

215_Mikee Live Sex

Twinks like this Russian teen are one of the reasons why so many guys flock to the submissive male cam shows. Of course, the main attribute they all have in common is submissiveness. It’s great for guys who know what they want, established sex gods who take every chance to stick their hard meat in some tight booty.

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215_Mikee Live Sex

And wouldn’t you know it, 215_mikee is the kind of guy who craves attention, he’s somewhat spoiled, got plump lips, a true little slut, there are no two ways about it. It comes as no surprise that he loves fellatios, passionate, long, doesn’t matter, as long as he can get your cock moist. The very feeling of stiff dick in his mouth is something this model doesn’t take for granted.

You can order him to do it, create a situation where he’s your slave, he’s going to like it more than anything in the world. Order him around, make him change clothes, or even turn him into your sissy in this live sex action. It’s really easy, just make him use some make-up, dress him up in girly lingerie, and then make him blow your dick.

Besides that, he also can’t wait to do some jerk-off sessions with a man of similar interests and an open mind. Be it slow or fast, hardcore or passionate, there are truly no limits to which course these shows can take. Spank him, perform BDSM techniques on him, use all toys, from ball-gags to buttplugs, and you’re granted to reach a full-body orgasm at his shows.

Alan_Naughty Sex Cam

This teen boy is a real Latino lover, with a sprinkle of submissiveness, and who could say no to that kind of deal? If you’ve got a dominant dream, he’s the guy you go to, he will make it true and enjoy every second of it. He’s a guy who likes roleplaying on sex cams, and that’s one of those qualities you can’t miss out on.

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Alan_Naughty Sex Cam

Just imagine, a pretty, slender student, struggling to earn a good grade in one of your classes, and here you are, willing to strike a deal with him. You lock the door behind you and command him to take his clothes off. Make him do it sensually for you, that is, unless he wants to fail, or even worse, get expelled from school.

It might seem too kinky to some, but he really likes pleasing daddies, no matter what they ask of him. So tell him to sit in a school chair and slowly stroke his cock, then approach him, take yours out and make him perform a sloppy blowjob. He’s going to be delighted, also acting hesitantly for the sake of acting out a kinky roleplay show for you.

Thanks to the cam2cam option, he will be able to jerk off to your commands, following your hand gestures, enduring so many close calls with an orgasm, but they’re all denied. If you want to be rude to him, he will gladly take it, but eventually, you both know that you’re going to make him cum in the palm of his hand, and maybe even eat it all with delight.

Gay Sex Cam2Cam Shows

It’s hardly a secret nowadays that gay sex cam2cam shows are a blast, and if you’ve never tried them out, well, you’re missing on lots of fun. And it’s not only about having a nice time, the super hot guys you’re going to meet are so sexy, total eye candy, besides, of course, being sexually charged filthy freaks in the sheets.

The biggest matter here is what you’re craving for. These hot pretty boys will flaunt their firm booties for you, and tease you until the immersive jerk off session starts. They can get rough with you, the lack of true dominant studs out there is evident, but you can find them here to turn you into a slave, a sissy, and make you lick their feet or get your bunghole gaped.

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Gay Feet Cams

GavinCole is one of those kinds, pretty gay boys that are looking to have fun with others just like him. His pretty teenage face and slender body are a joy to watch, and those blue eyes are mesmerizing. You will be drawn in by them, stunned, and instinctively reach down inside your pants to stroke that half-firm cock.

Well, let’s make it rock hard. Let him perform a striptease for you while talking dirty. “Wanna spank this ass daddy?” he says while bending over and showing off that there are no panties restraining your view. His tight young bunghole is so cute, and he will voluntarily lube his finger and stick it inside to please you.

He has much more for you, watch him get fully nude in this live video chat room, and you just wait until he’s oiling up that firm body. It’s going to have a shine to it, besides all the droplets that slide down his body, prepping his cock for a steamy jerk-off session. It’s time to see what you’ve got, how hard your dick is, and finally to show your affection towards this pretty young man.

His fingers will dance around that stiff boner, he will massage the tip of it before taking a full grip with both hands. Then he moves it down, all the way to the base, and back up, slowly, with deep moans to follow. The pace gets faster, the moans louder, and suddenly you’re emptying every last bit of cum from your balls to top off an unforgettable session.

There are also guys like jhon_marti, and this gay guy is as scary as he looks in the sex cam2cam chat. His shoulders are broad, muscles perfectly round, like a raging bull patiently waiting for the next target. This time it’s you, he’s got his sights set on taming you down, and dominating you like any true master would, without remorse no matter how hard he goes on you.

You’ll instinctively kneel, his very presence is making you shake from fear, and he hardly even has to say a word, you already know. Come and take a smell of his dirty feet, then lick his soles, suck on his toes, all while this dark-skinned master jerks off. Don’t stop, at least not until he tells you to, but he’ll get bored quickly regardless of it.

He’s going to make you bend over for him, get ball-gagged, and take down your panties. Then he sees your sub-par prick and starts spanking you for being such an inferior manlet. He tells you that you’re a little bitch on these male cam2cam sites, calls you his slutty sissy, and keeps striking harder. Then suddenly it stops, takes your ball-gag off, and you breathe a sigh of relief. You’re going to need it because he’s about to make you choke on a dildo.

Catching a breath while blowing a rubber cock is going to be a challenge, you will gag, muffling out for him to stop, but to no avail. He wants you to suffer, and he wants your tight sissy ass to gape. You will ride that same dildo, but even that won’t be enough, he commands you to stick a couple of fingers, until your ass is ravaged, or at least until he orgasms thanks to your submissive performance.

With gay sex cam2cam sessions you’re set for life, all the passionate moments, the rough ones, even humiliating, you can experience them all here. And it’s all thanks to lusty male models who try their best to give you a sexual performance like no one else has, or ever will. Simply said, gay camming is your shot at meeting like-minded hot guys from all over the world.

Traveling to a foreign country in hopes of meeting your dreamlike guy for a one-night stand is way too much effort. Here you can get it only in a couple of clicks, they will welcome you into their lives, and get real private. It’s the immersive experience all gay men crave, and we can finally get it whenever we want, with no strings attached.

GayCam.com Review

Jizzroulette Gay Cam Site

Some adult cam sites are straightforward, and others are like GayCam.com, confusing, full of unnecessary content, and often deceiving. It’s also pretty hard to classify this site as a purely gay live sex site, the name surely suggests that, but the facts offer a different look into the issue.

The reason I’m saying this is because it’s not just a singular video chat website, but rather a collection of more, all mashed up together. There are no benefits at all, and even the main option you have is sub-par. But we’re not here to speculate, rather bring you the cold hard facts so you can decide for yourself.

Welcome To The Circus

The homepage is where the confusion starts, you’re welcomed by a clickable “Enter” button where you can choose whether you’re a man, a woman, trans, and so on. If you do go along with it, the site will lead you into chat room style cam shows. More about that later, because it’s not what we’re focusing on right now.

Also, right there on the homepage, you’ve got three choices, named “Gay Cams”, “Meet Guys”, and “Become A Model”. Each one of those represents a different type of entertainment, with the first one actually being a cam site, and the other two are a dating and modeling sites respectively.

This all actually means that you’ve got more than you’ve bargained for. There are two cam sites, so which one of them is better? Well, they’re vastly different, so we’ll have to review them separately so there is no confusion.


As already mentioned, it’s a chat-room style of cams. Basically, there’s a “Gay” section with a tiny population of both models and viewers. What this really means is that this cam site isn’t a purely gay webcam site, despite its name suggesting otherwise. It’s also visually unappealing, like something you would throw out there 20 years ago.

A lot of the times users can find themselves confused, or irritated with some of the options provided. For instance, filtering is the staple of all cam sites, and here you don’t have such options, so finding a model is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Not to mention the lack of models, and when you add that to the general poor architecture of the site, the whole vibe gets worse with each new step. Cam shows and the models performing here are amateurs, which isn’t a surprise considering the site itself is so unknown that anyone outside of the regulars is actually going to use it. I recommend you to avoid websites like JockMenLive and GayCam and go with proven sites that are well rated all over the web.

So in reality, it’s a niche site, maybe for people who want to chat with others, form friendships, but I wouldn’t trust my money here. Considering the low quality of streams (you can’t find HD streams easily), and all the negative aspects of it, it’s safe to say that GayCam is not a place for someone looking to have an online chat with gay cam hunks.


This is the other video sex chat site that you are guided towards after clicking the “Gay Cams” option. Gladly, it actually is a gay cam site, which is a breath of fresh air here, at last, you’re not being misled. Or are you? It’s actually a whitelabel of Streamen, meaning, there’s nothing original to it, or even good.

That’s just the way it is with copycats, and just so you get the general idea of how bad it is, we’ll do a full walkthrough. From the way it looks, you would think it’s legit, and in some ways, it is because it’s looking just like the original. The models are also the same, and that’s yet another good thing, but the problems lie in functionality.

See, if you decide to browse through the models, then get ready for some headaches. Some of the features aren’t working at all, you’ve got buttons to press, but they rarely do the thing they’re designated to do. Followed closely by the streams themselves. Now, mind you, at Streamen they are HD, but here the quality has been lowered for some reason.

That not only damages some of the model’s reputation but also grants you sub-par shows. And you’re only going to stay around if the videos don’t buffer for too long. WebcamGuys is pretty much deceiving you with the looks of another site, without the ability to offer you a service, and they do it at the same price, such a shame.


GayCam is a ride from start to finish, and not a pleasant one. The live sex site under the same name is a travesty, I wouldn’t even dare to call it a gay webcam site. The other one is as close to the real deal as these guys were able to make it, and yet it’s nowhere near. So, really, don’t waste time on this site, you’ll just get a raging headache.

Considering they have tried stealing from Streamen, how about you visit that site? There’s a reason why it’s being copied, and it’s mostly because of the success. As a user, I would say it’s also because you get pleased with the hot guys doing whatever you want, for an affordable price. To top it off, you’ll have none of the quality issues, the gay models are stellar, and all you need is a bunch of lube, so make sure to treat yourself!

Male Cam2Cam Sites

A good gay model can make you lose your mind and bust a fat load in record time with a proper live show, but it takes some digging until you actually find one. In order to help you cut that searching time to the bare minimum and help you by offering a proper choice, we have prepared a list of the three best male cam2cam sites on the web.

Depending on your style, each of the following live sex websites has something different to offer. Some are more focused on fetishes and hardcore style, while others are more vanilla and serve for relaxing mutual jerk-off entertainment. Either way, they will be more than enough to treat yourself to the very thing you’re craving.


Streamen Gay Cam Site

With its fantastic features and a male-only approach, Streamen has launched itself at the top of the food chain. The interface is simple enough which helps out with your browsing through the live chat rooms, and doesn’t take away the attention off webcam models. After all, the guys here are the ones who form the atmosphere, and they have all the assistance and freedom from Streamen.

Eventually, it has resulted in forming this cam site as one of the most unrestricted on this list, feature-wise. You’ve got the usual, sexy studs, muscular guys, playing around with you by performing striptease or flexing their muscles. But, there is also the other side, the world of gay BDSM where you can find all kinds of filth.

For instance, things like foot fetish and such are a norm, but you will also find cock and balls torture, heavy domination, and all those things that evoke a different kind of emotion in you. Here, they’re the kings, or they can be your sissies, it doesn’t matter as long as your desires get sated, and you end up blowing some serious loads.


CameraBoys is a somewhat more mainstream male webcam site, and it’s mainly populated by pretty boys and hot studs. As much as they’re an eye candy, so is the whole site, everything works in sync so you get welcomed the way a customer deserves to be. The whole focus of this site is on giving you that premium service, and it’s hard to truly come by these days.

Some other sites may claim that, but they don’t come even close to perfecting it like CameraBoys. At first, the models will ask all about you in private shows, they want to form a connection and make the show feel personal. Once you spill the beans, they will set up the mood and make you feel at home as if everything is just right, and it is. It is the best site for cheap live chat shows with horny hot men that can do any type of fetish chat that you want.

As much as you want to watch them, these studs will keep you involved by talking dirty to you, calling out to see your junk, kneeling to take a facial, and similar stuff. In essence, it’s a whole different universe of experiences than your run-of-the-mill cam sites, here you’ll get the very thing you are dreaming of from dazzling, charming men.


While Chaturbate is a mixed live sex site, the male section is too good to not be mentioned. The whole site may be simplistic, in fact, it doesn’t have anything special about it, but that’s why it works, it’s straight into the action. At least they didn’t spare on filtering, it’s split with tags, which contain hundreds if not thousands at a time.

It’s worth noting that this site has the biggest population of cam models, the numbers are off the charts. But there is one issue, considering the nature of Chaturbate, some models won’t do gay private shows, although it’s rare, that kind of thing is possible for the big names who pull in a lot of live viewers. If we take into account the variety it offers, that issue is pretty much negligible.

You will find a lot of gay couples, or groups of guys, and that’s one of those things that elevate Chaturbate. In private cam2cam shows, they will try their hardest to follow your instructions and fuck on command, whatever you want, whenever you want. Overall, it has a lot to offer, and anyone who hasn’t at least tried out Chaturbate is missing out.


When it boils down to these three, there is no clear winner, it’s only a matter of your preference. Even if I’ve had to choose there would be no definitive answer. One thing I can advise you on is to try all three, that way you’ll gain the full scope of knowledge and have some personal information about these cam2cam websites for male live action.

If we’re talking money, I can assure you that other cam sites won’t charge you any less, in fact, oftentimes I’ve witnessed them charge more for a far worse service. As of right now, I would personally take Streamen.com as the top pick, their service has greatly increased, and it keeps on getting better and more versatile.

Alpha Male Webcam Chat

I know how much you desire to be dominated, how you daydream about being forced to lick your master’s feet and sniff his hairy armpits, submissive sissy boys need that validation from hot dominant cam guys. Even if you’re disrespected, it’s one feeling you can’t disregard, but it’s not so easy finding guys who would be interested, is it? Of course, but live alpha male live sessions have a load of sadistic studs who can’t wait to be worshiped by a new slave like you.

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Gay Master Cams

You will let them torture your balls because that’s what good subs do, and you’re going to thank him for it. The sweet release of all pent-up sexual tension will always linger, you will be so close to cumming, but yet so far since these alpha males care only about their orgasms. The power is all in their hands, and all you can hope for is to be rewarded for your service.

You can’t wait to meet a dominant guy like MarisMuscle, his hairy chest is a sign of true manhood, and the muscles on that body are so delicious. His sturdy hands are rugged from years of heavy lifting, but you would like to feel them spanking your ass in front of the camera, wouldn’t you? Well, your wish has come true, because this guy can’t wait to deliver some spanks.

He’ll swing at you like that ass of yours owes him money, and you’re going to scream “yes daddy, hit me harder”. Needless to say that he’s just warming up, but it’s enough for his sweat to break through the pores and slide down his body. This alpha male demands you lick it, all the salty liquid that’s dripping over his bushy chest like you’re a dog.

That’s what he loves, having a literal gay bitch who’s going to entertain him during a sex webcam fun. Your master whips his cock out and starts stroking it, that meaty 8 inches of pure manhood is the biggest thing you’ve ever seen. You will need to keep impressing him, so he’ll collar, and guide you on a short leash towards a water bowl from which you’re going to drink.

Then he commands you to roll over on your back and spread your legs, this alpha male wants to squash your nuts with his bare feet. Even the slightest touch is enough to arouse you, that contact, no matter how harsh and painful will send your neurons firing. It’s a dream come true for slaves, and you’ll inevitably orgasm despite everything, the only question is, will he punish you for it?

You could definitely leave that part to someone else, and Hardrock982 would be the perfect alpha webcam guy for online shows. This beefcake will send your mind spinning from all the smoke that is being exhaled in your face. It’s just a test because later on, you will be choking on something else. Above all, he knows what a weak-willed manlet you are, and that’s a big let-down for him.

Not being able to control your tiny cock in the alpha male live chat means you don’t deserve to use it, so he’s putting it in a chastity cage, under a lock. The keys aren’t hidden, no need for that, he’ll just put them on his necklace so you can see and hear them dangling around his neck. That is the beginning of the end, at least when your masculinity is in question.

Next up is the sissyfication, the act of turning a supposed man into a feminine creature. He’ll make you wear girly lingerie, colorful, yet humiliating, and you’ll do your own make-up so the disgrace is complete. Look closely as this dominant gay master jerks off, isn’t that cock what you want? Then impress him, take the biggest dildo you have, and start sucking it.

He’ll make you do it until the lipstick wears off and paints it red. Your throat will be violated over the course of his live session because he loves it when you go deep. Your caged cock is throbbing, it’s yearning for freedom, but that’s out of the question, instead, drill that man pussy of yours with the rubber cock. He’s going to love every moment of you gaping it, so much that he’ll cream your slutty face and force you to stay there until it dries, before you’re ruthlessly kicked off his show.

Bring your ass over to the gay webcam shows when you visit GayCamsChat, you know you want it violated in the worst possible ways, and I can’t say that these alpha male models are feeling any different. They will use all kinds of toys on you, get you bound, clip your nipples, even make you wear tailed buttplugs while you’re parading in costumes.

You’re here to entertain them first and foremost, to alleviate your master of his stress through submissive, humiliating performances in the live gay BDSM chat. How far and hard you want to go is up to you, but once it all starts, no amount of begging and whimpering will prevent them from being served by a measly slave.

Live Gay Domination Cam2Cam

If you’re craving to become a slave to a cruel master, get bound, tortured, and fucked senseless, then our live gay domination cam2cam shows are the only thing you will ever need. You can thank that to all the muscular studs in tight-fitted clothes, hairy mature bears, and all other types of doms you can find here.

Their intimidation will result in you bowing at their feet, kissing the floor beneath them, and worshipping those superior bodies. You already know that you need to be punished, and these hunks got a load of creative ways to do it, each one fitting your personality, depending on how submissive you are.

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Gay Small Penis Humiliation Cams Chat

TonyTornado is one buff cam stud, his body is pure perfection, and you will crave to be manhandled by such a man at the GayCamsChat site. It’s not going to be so hard for him to notice how you’re drooling all over him, but do you really think that you’re worthy of his cock? That kind of thing has to be earned, and you’ll have to work extra hard for his approval.

So prove to him that you’re not a total loser and drop down to give him a set of push-ups. He will make you go as low as you can until you kiss his boots, and then back up to complete one. You’re only finished once his boots are spotless, but that’s hardly the only thing you will have to do, it’s barely a start.

He will clamp your nipples, twist them, and spank your ass. The mixture of arousal and pain is what draws out the most obedient of gay slaves because you’ll be willing to do anything just to sense a tiny bit of pleasure. Even having your cock and balls tortured during a webcam chat is not going to be an issue, if that’s what you must do to relieve yourself.

Don’t worry, he will allow it, but seeing as you’re still not worthy of his penis, you’ll have to blow your own. He doesn’t care what acrobatics you’re going to perform, as long as that dick of yours is inside your mouth. You will suck the tip while stuffing your ass with a dildo, and he will watch you creampie your mouth while also making sure you’re swallowing the whole load.

Are you into dominant BBC studs who will humiliate you with their massive dicks in his live cam2cam sex room? RockieMonster is one of those black masters who will without a doubt prove to you that they’re always superior, and you can be nothing else but a sissy bottom. You will be degraded for having that tiny cock, which is hardly even deserving of being called that, it’s more like a clitoris.

He will make you lock it up in a chastity cage, and then slowly, you will be force feminized. You know how it goes, make-up, a wig, girly lingerie, all of that so you’re utterly embarrassed by what he turned you into. Then you’ll get bound, observing him teasing you by lubing up his black cock and stroking it while you’re utterly disgraced.

You can feel the desire to get pleased inside you, anything, a dildo pounding your ass, just a few strokes, but the reality is, you won’t be getting it. Instead, this dominant gay master will show you the might only a superior specimen like he has on bondage cam2cam sessions with him, and he will do it by fucking another man, turning you into a cuckold on top of anything.

While he’s getting his dick sucked by another faggot, you’re getting laughed at for wearing those ridiculous girly clothes. Then when he’s spreading those cheeks and plunging his BBC inside a tight ass, you will wish it was you instead. Well, prepare yourself, because all you’re going to get is a double facial, like a true cuckold, watching from the sidelines and getting humiliated.

The power of live private chat shows allows you to communicate with your master, and him to see if you’re properly executing all of his commands. If that’s not the case, well, you can expect a whole lot of trouble for you, and new punishments coming your way by these frightening gay domination cam2cam models.

It’s no wonder plenty of men like you are searching for such thrills, especially if you want someone to go extra hard on you, with disregard for your pleasures. Think of yourself as a sex toy of flesh and meat, you’re going to be used, and you’re going to like it, but you already know that part, it’s why you’re here after all.

Submissive Gay Cams Chat

What every submissive male model needs is a ruthless gay master who’s going to make him a total cock-gobbling bitch, and you can be that man. If that sounds like a job for you, then it’s time to release the inner beast and serve some much-needed humiliation to your future slaves, of course, the one you’re looking to fulfill.

Are you craving to train a tight bunghole of your sub with massive dildos? Make him ride those like a cowboy, he’ll need to gape once you decide to stuff him with your meaty bull cock. Use ball gags to shush your gay slave, blindfold him and torture his inferior cock and balls in the live sex chat, do whatever it takes to carry the message across, you’re the new king of the jungle. Take one of these subs for live cam chats and be his own master.

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Gay Slave Webcam

Take a look at JordanMartini, this skinny pretty boy thinks that he’s a Latino lover, but he’s no more than a Latino loser. Do you want to see him whimper while you’re pounding his ass as hard as you can? Then first you need to show him that you’re a true alpha, don’t let him just sit there, playing with his nipples like he’s some kind of hot stuff.

Tell him to kneel in front of you and bow down to kiss your filthy feet. Once he’s there, low enough, step on his head and hold him pinched to the floor. Just look at the way he’s wiggling that tight ass, it’s like he’s inviting you to spank this gay cam sub. Don’t hold back from making a mark, you will always be etched into his skin and mind the harder he’s taking it.

Make him stand up and pick out the biggest dildo out there for him. He’s shaking, but obeying you, this submissive gay faggot doesn’t want to be punished anymore on this webcam site, he’ll do whatever you order him to. Let him spit on it, just so he isn’t taking a massive rubber cock inside raw, he has deserved that much, despite being a pathetic manlet.

Before he starts sliding that tight ass and spreading it, make sure to clamp his nipples, after all, you don’t want to go all soft on him, he’ll get the wrong idea. Once he’s planted on top of a dildo, add some more, put a vibrating toy next to it, and set it on max, he’ll be so close to cumming.

But you know what, that’s the luxury only you are worthy of, hand him a chastity lock, and watch as he’s miserable from the denied orgasm after all the suffering, while you’re spreading your semen in a celebratory fashion.

If you’re rather looking to totally shatter the confidence of a slave, make sure to go for ChrisElliot. This submissive webcam guy has the face that says “slap me”, he needs to be disrespected in his live gay room, and you’ll have plenty of reasons to do so. One glance at him and you will notice what a tiny cock he has, along with those two pebbles for balls. If you are looking for male slaves like him then try out BDSM live chat sessions which have a ton of masters and gay subs that wait to be dominated.

Laugh at his face, make him realize what a failure of a man he is, and start torturing his cock. There are plenty of ways to do so, you can poke it, pour ice-cold water over it, pinch and kick him in the groin. Then turn him into your private sissy doll. Dress him in humiliating female lingerie, turn him into your online chat bitch.

At this point, he’s broken and weak, unable to think for himself, instead he relies on your guidance because your will is his command. Write “slut” on his chest, and make him suck multiple rubber cocks at once. He’s going to be used as an old cum sock while having these video chat sessions, abused and soiled until you get rid of him like he’s not even a person anymore.

Order him to hump a pillow, as if he’s got a pussy between his legs, grinding against an inanimate object, pathetically longing to cum. That’s the only thing he can think of, and that’s what he’s going to get, but when those girly panties get smeared with his load. The only way he can redeem himself is to suck it all out, and after all, you will enjoy ruining this slave in such an emasculating manner.

The biggest victory you can feel like a dominant male on live gay cams is by seeing all of these weak-minded sub fags begging for mercy. That’s when you know that you’ve succeeded in your mission, you have turned them into mere submissive servants who will always come back to be humiliated.

No matter how ruthless you are, they can take it, and not caring for their feelings is the distinction of a true master. Are you that guy, or do you want to become one? Either way, you should test yourself in front of the camera, see how far you’re willing to go to sate your sadistic urges and explore their limits.

Gay Foot Fetish Webcam Rooms

Feet on handsome men excite you, they send a tingle through your body on sight, but there’s always that lingering feeling like you can’t fulfill your favorite gay fetish all the way through. I know that feeling, and it seems so that many others do as well, so there has to be a solution, and luckily, it’s the best one out there.

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Gay Foot Fetish Webcam Rooms

Gay foot fetish cam rooms are where it’s at, at the helm with a load of naked men making you melt with the way they’re using those skilled feet on a dildo. But let’s not corner feet sexualization to one thing only, there’s a myriad of ways they can be utilized for pleasure, and no matter what the desired one for you is, you’ll find it.

Every once in a while, it’s best to relax, have someone else take care of you for a change, and ColinCums should be your go-to live chat guy. He’s a college stud who’s expert at making others feel good, meaning, getting their cocks rock hard. Dressed in casual clothing, he makes you focus on the bottom half of his body, where he’ll slowly unveil those beautiful soles.

The skinny jeans do a good job at outlining his muscularity, but you know how it is, it’s even better when they’re off. Unsurprisingly, he’s wearing no panties, what a dirty boy, he even starts stroking his cock to let you know that he’s warming up while having foot fetish video chats with him. He slides a finger inside a sock, and slowly slides it down to fully reveal his foot in front of the camera, and does the same with the other one.

While masturbating, he uses the other hand to massage his feet and those sexy toes in the private show. Can you imagine how good it would feel to have them wrapped up around your cock once they’re oiled up? You don’t have to, because he’s going to show it on a dildo, which is what he’s been waiting for.

Those feet surely know how to move around a dick, he even skillfully massages the tip with his big toe, while sliding all the way to the base. You’re not the only one who finds this performance orgasmic, he does too, and sooner rather than later, his footjob show will result in some big loads.

On the other hand, who’s to say that you can’t get filthier with Naughty_Nate? He’s a buff guy, and he loves role-playing as a soldier, wearing the full uniform, with those heavy boots that make his feet sweaty on our live gay webcam site. And you, you are going to be a rookie, about to learn a very valuable lesson in obedience.

While you’re laying on the floor face down, he’s going to stomp his boot close to your nose. Then you’re commanded to do some pushups, and you can only call one complete after you’ve kissed his boots. They sure are going to be shiny, but that’s irrelevant now, his feet need to be taken care of as well.

You see, after wearing them for so long, not only are his feet smelly, but they’re also filthy, but what kind of a soldier would you be if licking them scares you, right. All the salt and bitter taste in your mouth won’t wash off for times to come because he’ll keep stuffing your face with them, and even wiggle his toes while your tongue cleans between them.

You’ll worship his feet, even address them as if they’re an extension of his will and power. Him getting horny from being served like that is an expected result, but he wants to make it extra spicy for you in front of the camera. Once his cum drizzles, he’ll make sure it drops on his feet, where you’ll wait like a thirsty dog, and lick every last drop.

Some techniques from other male chat models might make an even greater impact on you, like watching them lick their own soles, or caressing their own cock with them. Don’t be surprised if you jizz your pants while watching them in action, these guys are foot fetish virtuosos, able to get you so horny that your nutsack will get swollen up, and they just might have to massage it with feet to help you out.

That’s still far off from everything these feet-loving hunks have to offer, but that’s a thing you’ll have to see for yourself and be the judge of. Gay foot fetish live cams are here whenever you decide to fulfill your desires by chatting with sexy webcam studs from all over the world and exchanging feet obsessions.

Cam4 Gay Webcam Site

Cam4 Gay Webcam Site

If you’re looking for a perfect male webcam site, then you might be looking for too much from Cam4, but I’m always excited to check out some alternatives to my regular sites. Hence the review, it’s not like this site is an underdog, maybe it has something new to offer, or it might be more of the same and worst-case scenario, worse than that.

That’s why it’s worth checking out every tiny detail, and while most casual users don’t care or have the time to pick it apart and analyze, luckily, I enjoy it. From the very start, I’ve liked the fact that the site language is automatically switched to your country of residence’s official language (Important for non-English speaking countries).

A Mixed Bag of Feelings

It’s worth noting that Cam4.com isn’t a male-only site, a lot of mainstream sites aren’t, but the lack of say “Gay” section instead of “Male” or alongside it wouldn’t hurt. This way you might get your results polluted by straight webcam couples, not that big of a deal, but it certainly would cause some issues and annoyances.

As for the design, it’s doesn’t have that “wow” effect, pretty basic with its white background, which is what you usually would want, but dropping in some colors for contrast doesn’t hurt anybody. Take GayCamsChat for instance, the black and blue work wonders together, and it’s a gay-only site, a personal favorite.

I also didn’t like the “Private Shows” tab, mainly since your current setup doesn’t mean a thing, you will get a full list of all models who are performing at the moment, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. It could be an oversite from the owners, or they like it the way it is, but it certainly can be upgraded.

Cam4 Lacks Some Basic Features

The number of gay performers is staggering, going at more than 1k during busy hours, which is not something you see so often in the male section. However, you should count in all the couples, which certainly brings that number down, the question is how much and what is the quality?

Answering the first question would take some mind-numbing manual labor, so let’s skip that one. On the other hand, with at least a half of those being gay chat models per se, you’re bound to land some bad ones. The issue actually stems from the lack of HD cams, some are even labeled as such, but the quality wasn’t even near that, except if the standard has been lowered and I didn’t get the memo. I do not like Cam4 and GayCamShows for this reason alone and I refuse to use their websites.

Furthermore, you don’t have a pause option, it’s one of my pet peeves with gay cam sites that rely on live shows. More often than not you are looking for a chat room where you’ll get the kind of action you desire, so naturally, there are multiple tabs open until you decide which one to stick with, and not being able to pause them takes away from the whole experience.

More Doesn’t Mean Better

It’s either quantity or quality, you can’t have both, there certainly are some gems hidden in the sea of performers, but I wasn’t that lucky. Most of them have issues communicating in English, so tipping brings you to a coinflip situation, where you might get what you need or not.

The private shows are usually everyone’s go-to, but I found them boring here, kind of like a cash grab where a model pulls your nose for more tokens and does everything as slow as possible to make you pay more. That’s why Streamen is still my number 1, the value you get for your money is incomparable, which is why it’s hardly going to be toppled by some others, especially a gay webcam site like Cam4.

But hey, at least they’ve got a store, and I’ll give it to ‘em, some stuff is dirt cheap, I’m considering some new beddings. Still, that’s not the thing we’re here for, there’s still some stuff they need to work on before dwelling into merch, like hiring quality models, tuning cam quality, and fixing some other stuff from the technical aspect of the site.


This site basically bullies you into buying a premium membership in order to unlock the most basic aspects of the site, like getting full-screen gay shows. Those are not benefits in my book, but they certainly chose to advertise them as such, and considering there are some ads incorporated into the header, it all makes it seem like one big scam.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s what some might think, and it brings a bad look to Cam4. Finally, I wouldn’t recommend it, it isn’t polished enough to rank better, and some practices are not user-friendly, all I can say is, go for the safe option, try CameraBoys.com out, and you’ll see why it’s my favorite cam site for online chat sessions with sexy hunks.

Live Gay Cam Sessions

Does jerking off feel boring? It doesn’t have to be, at least when you’ve got someone to do it with you, or even better, having a chat hunk who will do whatever your desires are. Instead of watching pre-set porn clips where you’ll have a scene or two that suits you, go for our live cam sessions where everything is tailored by your measures.

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Gay Hairy Cams Chat

If you want to see a twink blasting his bunghole with a dildo, and moaning for deeper drilling, you can get exactly that, no questions asked. However, some of us like things a bit spicy, like some gay BDSM play, no matter if you’re a master or a gay cam slave, there are a lot of models craving the same thing.

For some casual fun, you can’t go wrong with an athletic black stud like BigDaddyDarren. He loves wearing sleeveless shirts to show off those biceps, but more often than not he’s not wearing one at all. Like most manly live models, he’s more than capable of sweetening the pot with his massive cock, which looks delicious.

You’ll see him flexing the arms, his chest, and even the chiseled sex-pack, but he can do much more for you. Let him do some push-ups so you can see that body in gay action, getting beefier as he pumps the muscles while having a video chat with you, and the sweat starts sliding down his body, passing over all those manly humps and getting you horny.

You can bet that he’s sharing the sentiment, already that meaty prick has gotten firmed up, and you can see it bulging inside his pants. He reaches down and starts playing with his tool, asking you if you like what you see, telling you how much he needs to release all the pent-up cum, and talking other filth.

Just for you, he’ll whip it out, and you’ll see his veiny schlong in its full glory while he’s lubing it up and getting ready for a jerk-off session. There will already be pre-cum leaking out of your cock, so tell him to stroke that dick hard and fast so you would finish at the same time and reach a raging orgasm.

If you’re more of a bad boy who needs a sexy submissive gay guy to do as you please, then try out XXXChriss. He is one of my favorite live chat models that I follow and I watched him first on the Cam4 site a few years ago and then he started camming on the GayCamsChat. He’s so cute that you’ll initially have trouble doing some dirty things to him, but once you see how he acts as a prissy little faggot, it’s all going to be marginally easier, and you’ll enjoy dominating him.

He might talk back to you, so just shut him down, bend him over your knees and give him a couple of unexpected spanks in his live gay webcam room. If that’s not enough to teach him a lesson, get his arms tied up, and get him on his knees in front of you. Nothing will sober him up like a couple of slaps across that face, and the sight of your cock.

The moment he sees how glorious it is, you, and that dick will be worshipped, to the point where he’ll be begging to suck it. Let him loose, untie his arms and command that he grabs a dildo, so he can practice those blowjob skills on it, and on top of that, you should also require to see how well he’s using feet to stroke it.

It’s up to you how he’s going to be treated, maybe you want to test him a bit more and put a chastity cage on his dick while teasing and mocking him by jerking off. Or you want to see how far his asshole can spread, preferably gaping it wide, all that matters is you jizz that fat load, the pleasure is all yours.

The best thing about these online gay sessions is that you can pick and choose who to chat with, and with so many webcam guys online at all times, you’ll just have to try multiple live guys out in order to find out who will be “the one”, and somehow I doubt that’s going to be an issue.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be left with a smile on your face and a burning desire to come back for more, and nothing can stop you from getting as much as you want.

LiveMuscleShow.com Review

LiveMuscleShow.com Review

When you’ve got a live gay site built around the premise of muscles, big, beefy cam men, and everything that comes with bodybuilding, you’re expecting no less than perfection. It’s worth noting that LiveMuscleShow.com has that nailed down, the models are spot on, but everything else around it puts one after another nail… to the coffin.

There are a lot of cam sites with hundreds of muscular studs, and it’s absolutely fantastic to see those bodies, but it’s almost like a norm, it’s not such a rare thing at all. At first mention, you would think that this gay porn site has that and much more action-packed together, but let me give you a fair warning, it’s not the case at all.

Could New Looks Save It?

You know how everyone says that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, this cover doesn’t draw too many looks, the homepage is bland, full black, with large model chats at its forefront, which is the one and only positive thing about it.

To make matters even worse, this is a site that has been overhauled recently, basically built from the ground-up, so you can imagine how bad it actually looked before. Still, I wouldn’t be pleased with something so fresh and supposedly new, to look like it’s 10 years behind its peers.

Some tabs look unfinished, or they have no text at all, which makes it seem like a work in progress, but why release something if it’s not ready? This is gaming industry flashbacks all over again, but in a place where it takes literally a couple of minutes of free time to do it properly, so it screams of laziness.

Literal Eyesore of a Site

Alright, let’s take a look at the models, are they hot? Most definitely, these are the hunks of your dreams, but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think that there isn’t going to be a let-down on this gay webcam site. You can count the number of models on one hand, totaling a staggering number of 5.

You read it right, for my time being on LiveMuscleShow, I didn’t encounter more live models at the same time. There are actually more, but they either don’t perform that often, or at all, because, with such low popularity, it makes you wonder why this site exists, but for the sake of an argument let’s pretend it’s drawing in some viewership.

No amount of patching and visual changes are going to change the fact that the chat streams are absolutely awful. They are all low quality, 480p if I’m being generous, and in no case are they of better quality just like on the CamDudes site. From time to time I’ve had buffering troubles when expanding the size, the video would just pause, and I’m left wondering what’s going on for some time.

The List of Cons Keeps Growing

There are also some other technical issues with the site in general, sometimes I would randomly get transferred back to the top of the homepage, even though I was trying to scroll down, or wasn’t even touching my mouse when the models refresh, so does your position on the website, and I’m guessing the page itself.

You can buy some “exclusive” content like pictures or videos. It’s standard practice, a lot of adult cam sites do it, just as a way to allow the models to connect with their fanbase. My issue with this would be that there are 2 galleries of pictures in total, both priced at $10, with workout content judging by the thumbnail.

Videos on the other hand are somewhat more popular, which is normal, but they’re also filled with workout/flexing content. There’s only a handful of solid action, the rest are honestly sad, you’re supposed to pay $10-$20 for a 10 second video of a guy in the gym, not my or anyone else’s cup of tea.


You could say that this book was a hard read, but here, I’ve done it instead of you, and I can tell you that it’s not worth the time. There’s nothing of importance that makes you want to stay and have a live chat fun with some hot, athletic men, when in reality everything about LiveMuscleShow is working towards making your experience a living nightmare.

Even the additional content provided is too expensive for what it offers, want to see some guys working out? Go to the mainstream gay webcam sites, they’re full of it, of better quality, and free on top of that. Want to watch them jerk off? Then you can find some other sites which give you the run for your money, unlike this one.

Gay Private Webcam Shows

You don’t have to imagine yourself in a situation where every hot stud you’re eye-fucking wants to do the same because gay private webcam shows are here to sate all your desires. Some like to share erotic moments with another stud by jerking off together, but you don’t have to be that guy.

Maybe you would rather get choked while getting raw dogged by a muscular master, and that’s fine, we’ve all been there one way or another, the most important thing is; it feels good. With so many models online, you, or anyone for that matter, won’t be having the slightest issue finding a sexual soul mate.

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Gay Sex Chat Rooms

Are pretty college boys your thing? Because Dave_king is the perfect twink for some oiled-up steamy action, you can rely on him to make one hell of a show that will get your pre-cum gushing out. His slender build, tight booty cheeks, and plump lips are the perfect culprit for your raging boner.

Still, you’ll have to see him getting all oiled up, massaging himself from top to bottom, making erotic moves to pique your interest. He’ll start from the neck down, stopping at the nipples to twist and turn them while sending kisses your way, moving down to the genitals and gently stroking his oiled-up dick.

That’s just the intro, but you’re craving for the main course, his tight ass all shiny, the oil sliding in his buttcrack, lubing it up. Although it’s not needed, he puckers up his lips and licks a finger, his booty yawning out, it’s trembling from the anticipation of getting fingered in his gay private cam room, first with one, and then with more fingers.

He opens up with two, that’s a trained bunghole, but he wants you to pick a toy with which he’ll satisfy himself. You can grab that cock of yours while ordering him to pick up a dildo, and courageously drill himself just the way you’re stroking your cock, and he doesn’t want you to stop until there’s a stream of semen getting busted out of it.

The feeling of helplessness is arousing if you’ve got a master like SamSexy to turn it into a weapon. Ropes are his thing, he loves it when a slave can’t move an inch while being tied down to his bed, totally bare, begging for some attention.

His favorite move is to sit on your chest, close enough to that craving cock so you expect something that’s not going to happen, and right near your face so he can slap you with his meaty cock whenever you feel like talking during the gay private cam chat with you. After some longing, moaning, and whimpering, you’ll get ball-gagged, so he doesn’t have to hear any more of you.

Right when he’s getting near your dick, you will get a ray of sunshine, a trace of hope which is getting stripped away from you quickly. His leather paddle slams against your balls and your cock gets tied with strings around the tip of it. No matter how horny, you will eventually get flaccid, but he’ll keep on teasing you with his attributes, so the very thing you’re hoping for becomes an agony.

It’s cruel, takes a lot of patience, but once you’re released, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, he lets you play with yourself, your hands freed, and you’re quick to touch yourself. Maybe too quick because once you start, there’s no going back, and the rules are clear, you’ll have to sacrifice your dignity in order to achieve an orgasm, so make sure to deposit every last drop of that jizz in a cup which you’ll drink bottoms up.

The thing that makes gay private webcam shows on the GayCamsChat so different from other options, is the fact that you’re able to feel special, there’s no one other than you, and your chosen one. He may be a bristly bear, hairy all over his body, an athletic stud, even a mature gentleman who knows how to utilize his experience.

However it may be, your cravings and fetishes will be taken care of, no matter what they are. If you have made sure that this is the right thing for you, it’s time to take a slick ride into the world of gay models and treat yourself to some unforgettable ventures.