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There’s always a need for new live cam sites, and while we have some well-known where we can enjoy some hot gay studs, it doesn’t hurt to explore some others in hopes of finding quality amusement. is posing as a male-only sex chat place, which is the reason why we’re here, sadly it’s not original in any way because it’s a whitelabel of the CB site which is a very popular name in the adult industry.

You should definitely expect something different, but what I’ve found out was not up to standard. Considering I, and probably most of us have a CB account, it was logical for me to log in and check out if it’s any different from the original, and I can only say that it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Getting Started

Before I have even logged in, it was logical to check out the site and see what it has to offer. There are some categories you can pick from, but in comparison to CB, it’s far, far less. Amounting to a total of 11, it just isn’t enough, especially considering there are thousands of webcam models, and you would have to scroll through them restlessly, unlike some other gay sites which do it far better, like or Streamenx.

One thing that struck my eye was how it’s advertised as if it’s offering all first-class performers, which is not only untrue but far from what the spirit of these gay chat cams is. There might be some models who do their job like proper professionals, but at its core, they are mostly amateurs who do camming as a side-hustle.

If you’re indecisive about who you want to watch, there’s a roulette type option that shows you random performers, which, for a change is a nice addition. Sometimes you might be getting straight chat guys with his girlfriend performing, it doesn’t happen that often, but you still might feel a bit misled.

Do you want to discover other gay sex chat sites to spend your spare time on? You just have to take a look at the list that we have on the GayCamsChat and you will not be disappointed, I can promise you that.

Lackluster Cams

Everything you know about Chaturbate’s models is equal here, we all know that some performers have lower resolution equipment, which is fine considering the kind of shows they bring are engaging and fun. This usually isn’t a problem since the chat windows are smaller, so the lack of quality is negligible, but it’s not the case on CamDudes.

Here they’re stretched out over your screen, and there are no options to make it smaller, so you’re getting even worse quality than it would be originally. Along with that, some shows take a long time to load, which is a problem I’ve never had before.

Just take as an example, all of the models there stream in HD, and the chat windows load instantly, without delay, which makes CamDudes look really bad.

Devastating Core Issues

Despite all the downsides, I have decided to log in, using my Chaturbate account, because despite the cams being free, it’s not fun unless you drop some tokens to models. To my surprise, it changed into something entirely different, it was no longer a gay cam chat site, which made me furious.

The entirety of it changed into Chaturbate, a literal copy of it with a black background instead of white, which means you have all the performers regardless of their sex and gender. If it stayed the way it was and offered only male performers, it wouldn’t be anything special, but it would still keep some credibility since you would have your sexy men in one place.

If I’ve wanted to get Chaturbate, then I would go there, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no reason to not do so with what I’ve witnessed. This type of oversight is unacceptable, fixing it is fairly easy, so it can only be chalked up to carelessness, and it makes you wonder what their customer support is like, if there’s any at all.


There was no reason for me to continue after the log-in, as much as I would have liked to find out something thrilling about CamDudes, they have done their best to push me away from them, the further I’ve gone into it.

I think that I’ll just stick to those that haven’t failed me, Streamen and CameraBoys will have my full attention as dedicated gay sex cam sites, and if I ever feel an itch for some free shows, I’ll go to CB now.

To anyone interested in quality live chat places to enter, those two would be my recommendation, I have used them for a long time now, and they have never failed me.

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