Cam4 Gay Webcam Site

Cam4 Gay Webcam Site

If you’re looking for a perfect male webcam site, then you might be looking for too much from Cam4, but I’m always excited to check out some alternatives to my regular sites. Hence the review, it’s not like this site is an underdog, maybe it has something new to offer, or it might be more of the same and worst-case scenario, worse than that.

That’s why it’s worth checking out every tiny detail, and while most casual users don’t care or have the time to pick it apart and analyze, luckily, I enjoy it. From the very start, I’ve liked the fact that the site language is automatically switched to your country of residence’s official language (Important for non-English speaking countries).

A Mixed Bag of Feelings

It’s worth noting that isn’t a male-only site, a lot of mainstream sites aren’t, but the lack of say “Gay” section instead of “Male” or alongside it wouldn’t hurt. This way you might get your results polluted by straight webcam couples, not that big of a deal, but it certainly would cause some issues and annoyances.

As for the design, it’s doesn’t have that “wow” effect, pretty basic with its white background, which is what you usually would want, but dropping in some colors for contrast doesn’t hurt anybody. Take GayCamsChat for instance, the black and blue work wonders together, and it’s a gay-only site, a personal favorite.

I also didn’t like the “Private Shows” tab, mainly since your current setup doesn’t mean a thing, you will get a full list of all models who are performing at the moment, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. It could be an oversite from the owners, or they like it the way it is, but it certainly can be upgraded.

Cam4 Lacks Some Basic Features

The number of gay performers is staggering, going at more than 1k during busy hours, which is not something you see so often in the male section. However, you should count in all the couples, which certainly brings that number down, the question is how much and what is the quality?

Answering the first question would take some mind-numbing manual labor, so let’s skip that one. On the other hand, with at least a half of those being gay chat models per se, you’re bound to land some bad ones. The issue actually stems from the lack of HD cams, some are even labeled as such, but the quality wasn’t even near that, except if the standard has been lowered and I didn’t get the memo. I do not like Cam4 and GayCamShows for this reason alone and I refuse to use their websites.

Furthermore, you don’t have a pause option, it’s one of my pet peeves with gay cam sites that rely on live shows. More often than not you are looking for a chat room where you’ll get the kind of action you desire, so naturally, there are multiple tabs open until you decide which one to stick with, and not being able to pause them takes away from the whole experience.

More Doesn’t Mean Better

It’s either quantity or quality, you can’t have both, there certainly are some gems hidden in the sea of performers, but I wasn’t that lucky. Most of them have issues communicating in English, so tipping brings you to a coinflip situation, where you might get what you need or not.

The private shows are usually everyone’s go-to, but I found them boring here, kind of like a cash grab where a model pulls your nose for more tokens and does everything as slow as possible to make you pay more. That’s why Streamen is still my number 1, the value you get for your money is incomparable, which is why it’s hardly going to be toppled by some others, especially a gay webcam site like Cam4.

But hey, at least they’ve got a store, and I’ll give it to ‘em, some stuff is dirt cheap, I’m considering some new beddings. Still, that’s not the thing we’re here for, there’s still some stuff they need to work on before dwelling into merch, like hiring quality models, tuning cam quality, and fixing some other stuff from the technical aspect of the site.


This site basically bullies you into buying a premium membership in order to unlock the most basic aspects of the site, like getting full-screen gay shows. Those are not benefits in my book, but they certainly chose to advertise them as such, and considering there are some ads incorporated into the header, it all makes it seem like one big scam.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s what some might think, and it brings a bad look to Cam4. Finally, I wouldn’t recommend it, it isn’t polished enough to rank better, and some practices are not user-friendly, all I can say is, go for the safe option, try out, and you’ll see why it’s my favorite cam site for online chat sessions with sexy hunks.

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