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In search of some fresh gay cam chat sites, you might stumble upon one like, and gasp, thinking to yourself that finally, you’ve found out a new one in the wild with exciting fresh features. While it might be new, nothing about this site is original or out of the ordinary.

While it generally looks pleasing to the eye, a deeper dive into it discovers more of the same, and even less the competitors offer. Adding the fact that it’s a whitelabel of another gay page, but with hilariously stripped-down user interface and reaction times, is a bad omen for those who visit.

Upsetting Amount of Mistakes

There are some confusing things at the very beginning, the homepage is basically all you get, which is not the issue, but the transparency sometimes is. For example, the site is all in black & white, and some of the tabs and the letters are all black, the same color as their background, which you can’t even see unless you’re hovering with the mouse above it.

You might as well stop reading this review and go to the GayCamsChat homepage where we lay out for you the real gay webcam sites with the hottest chat rooms on the whole web space.

It’s a similar issue with other tabs, you will see what’s written on them regularly, but the moment you hover over a drop menu, it will turn white, and you won’t see what’s written there anymore. It might seem like a tiny mistake or get even snubbed as quirky by some, but it’s a show of pure laziness, just copying stuff from the original and placing them on a recolored site doesn’t take you far.

The filtering tabs also have transparency issues, and there are some tags that are hilarious, like “Jerk Buddies”? Yes, people come to a cam site to jerk off, while watching someone else do the same, that’s the whole point. If you really want to see how filters are done right, then go to GayCamsChat and enjoy some best gay live cam chats, it’s straight to the point, trimmed down to the most important things.

Monotonous Models

If you have come looking for diversity, then don’t raise your hopes up. I will give it to them, the models here are muscular, great bodies, but that’s about it. The further you go, the more you’re getting bored out of your mind, this site looks like an Arnold Classics bodybuilding competition.

Plenty of other sites have chiseled guys, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not solely focused on one demographic. Luckily you have the option of viewing the live chat room by hovering over it with a mouse, while it does seem like a good addition, you will have to wait for ages for it to load.

There are plenty of gay sites with this feature out there, and none of them take longer than a second to load, you can check out, and you will see what I’m talking about. Even though there are a lot of chats online, you will usually find the models typing on their phones, laying in their beds, and generally doing nothing.

Boring Live Shows

Those who are offering some fun will usually be at the top, and you can check them out, stroking their cocks, playing with their bungholes, and moaning as they please themselves, but for the real deal, you will have to go private. You might need to wait for the chat to load, the technical side of this site seems to be a recurring issue no matter where you go.

The quality of cams is disappointing, if you’re already offering super hot dudes, then at least allow your customers to see them in full HD, which should be the standard. There are some options for you to check out, like the model’s bio, ranking & info, but the fact that it replaces the chat window is baffling and hinders what the point is.

Conclusion misses the core features of best gay cam sites, diversity, transparency, and ease of use. When a site fails with those things, you might as well not waste your time on it because there are a lot of other alternatives that do all those things better.

You should divert your attention to already proven, quality sites like and These live chat sites aren’t riddled with issues, no grainy, dull shows, or any of the issues with the site design, as should be.

Everything you need will be right there, and as for this one, you should stay away as far as you can, unless you want to see for yourself what a total let-down of a site looks like.

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