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What every submissive male model needs is a ruthless gay master who’s going to make him a total cock-gobbling bitch, and you can be that man. If that sounds like a job for you, then it’s time to release the inner beast and serve some much-needed humiliation to your future slaves, of course, the one you’re looking to fulfill.

Are you craving to train a tight bunghole of your sub with massive dildos? Make him ride those like a cowboy, he’ll need to gape once you decide to stuff him with your meaty bull cock. Use ball gags to shush your gay slave, blindfold him and torture his inferior cock and balls in the live sex chat, do whatever it takes to carry the message across, you’re the new king of the jungle. Take one of these subs for live cam chats and be his own master.

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Gay Slave Webcam

Take a look at JordanMartini, this skinny pretty boy thinks that he’s a Latino lover, but he’s no more than a Latino loser. Do you want to see him whimper while you’re pounding his ass as hard as you can? Then first you need to show him that you’re a true alpha, don’t let him just sit there, playing with his nipples like he’s some kind of hot stuff.

Tell him to kneel in front of you and bow down to kiss your filthy feet. Once he’s there, low enough, step on his head and hold him pinched to the floor. Just look at the way he’s wiggling that tight ass, it’s like he’s inviting you to spank this gay cam sub. Don’t hold back from making a mark, you will always be etched into his skin and mind the harder he’s taking it.

Make him stand up and pick out the biggest dildo out there for him. He’s shaking, but obeying you, this submissive gay faggot doesn’t want to be punished anymore on this webcam site, he’ll do whatever you order him to. Let him spit on it, just so he isn’t taking a massive rubber cock inside raw, he has deserved that much, despite being a pathetic manlet.

Before he starts sliding that tight ass and spreading it, make sure to clamp his nipples, after all, you don’t want to go all soft on him, he’ll get the wrong idea. Once he’s planted on top of a dildo, add some more, put a vibrating toy next to it, and set it on max, he’ll be so close to cumming.

But you know what, that’s the luxury only you are worthy of, hand him a chastity lock, and watch as he’s miserable from the denied orgasm after all the suffering, while you’re spreading your semen in a celebratory fashion.

If you’re rather looking to totally shatter the confidence of a slave, make sure to go for ChrisElliot. This submissive webcam guy has the face that says “slap me”, he needs to be disrespected in his live gay room, and you’ll have plenty of reasons to do so. One glance at him and you will notice what a tiny cock he has, along with those two pebbles for balls. If you are looking for male slaves like him then try out BDSM live chat sessions which have a ton of masters and gay subs that wait to be dominated.

Laugh at his face, make him realize what a failure of a man he is, and start torturing his cock. There are plenty of ways to do so, you can poke it, pour ice-cold water over it, pinch and kick him in the groin. Then turn him into your private sissy doll. Dress him in humiliating female lingerie, turn him into your online chat bitch.

At this point, he’s broken and weak, unable to think for himself, instead he relies on your guidance because your will is his command. Write “slut” on his chest, and make him suck multiple rubber cocks at once. He’s going to be used as an old cum sock while having these video chat sessions, abused and soiled until you get rid of him like he’s not even a person anymore.

Order him to hump a pillow, as if he’s got a pussy between his legs, grinding against an inanimate object, pathetically longing to cum. That’s the only thing he can think of, and that’s what he’s going to get, but when those girly panties get smeared with his load. The only way he can redeem himself is to suck it all out, and after all, you will enjoy ruining this slave in such an emasculating manner.

The biggest victory you can feel like a dominant male on live gay cams is by seeing all of these weak-minded sub fags begging for mercy. That’s when you know that you’ve succeeded in your mission, you have turned them into mere submissive servants who will always come back to be humiliated.

No matter how ruthless you are, they can take it, and not caring for their feelings is the distinction of a true master. Are you that guy, or do you want to become one? Either way, you should test yourself in front of the camera, see how far you’re willing to go to sate your sadistic urges and explore their limits.

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