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Streamen Gay Cam Site

Aren’t you annoyed with sites that don’t deliver on their promises? There seems to be a lot of them which have boring shows with just a few models online, and to make matters worse they can hardly keep a conversation in English. Those seem to be just some of the issues that we’re facing today with gay cams, but don’t we deserve better?

I get it, it’s a jungle out there, but amidst all of that wilderness, sometimes a shiny gem can be found, and that’s exactly what Streamen is. This site is going against the current and features both quantity and quality, and the models are finger-licking good.

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Safe and Easy to Use Even for The Newbies

If you’ve been to enough cam sites so far, then you know that the first step is creating an account, but before that, you should make sure if it’s trustworthy, don’t want all your info to slip up in some thief’s greedy hands. The easiest way to check if the site is worth it is by reading some of the reviews, or you can test them yourself.

Just contact customer support, and if you get a fast enough reply, then it’s all legit. This time, I’m not leaving a stone unturned, and from my experience, I’ve got a speedy response, so you can rest assured that there is no ill intent on Streamen, this one is clean as a whistle.

Also, the rating system can tell you a lot, not all of these models have five stars, which is a good sign, it’s practically impossible that everyone gets graded too high because they’re human too, and sometimes it’s just not their day.

More Detailed Than You Could Expect

We’ve all got our poison, so what is yours? Thick-bearded bears, hung daddies, or submissive twinks? Maybe it’s something entirely else, but whatever it be, Streamen won’t let you carry around that nutsack without emptying it out beforehand, they’ve got all bases covered.

You can pretty much find anything in the filters, divided into 10 groups, which all have their sub-niche; orientation, ethnicity, age, hair color, languages, cock, body type, body hair, eye Color.. 

Even if you’re the most picky-choosy type, these should be more than enough to find what you’re craving for. 

Sometimes you just want to lay back and relax, with that dick in your hands of course, but let someone else do all the hard work. Luckily, there are a lot of couples, and they will dance as you play, want some deepthroats, and then rough anal? They will start right away, it’s almost like you’re a big movie director, and they’re actors, doing as they’re instructed. 

It’s Time to Go Private

Design-wise, you aren’t looking at the flashiest of sites, that’s what I like about it even more, we’re not here to admire the beauty of those buttons or have some crazy shining backgrounds. What we’re all interested in, are the hunks who perform, and they are all that matters over here. 

Cam2cam shows are the best experience the money can buy, it feels personal, like a dream come true where you’re watching each other in real-time and exploring those sexy bodies and firm cocks. For a chance to chat with the guys here, you will have to $1 per minute or more, the price varies from model to model. 

Gold shows are a cheap way of getting a 15-minute show for even less than a dollar per minute, but you will share it with other guys who have also chipped in to enjoy for some leftover pennies. It all depends on your budget, not like it matters, you will be treated like a king, or like a peasant, if you love to be dominated. 


I think it’s clear why you shouldn’t even be second-guessing your choice of a gay cam site, has a place in my heart after just a couple of shows, and you won’t be thinking any different after trying it out.  

I can’t wait to dwell deeper into it and see which other filth it has to offer, who knows, maybe there are even more exciting things ahead. The user-friendly approach definitely helps their case, although it’s just one tiny drop in a sea of positive impressions Streamen has left on me.

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