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When you’ve got a live gay site built around the premise of muscles, big, beefy cam men, and everything that comes with bodybuilding, you’re expecting no less than perfection. It’s worth noting that has that nailed down, the models are spot on, but everything else around it puts one after another nail… to the coffin.

There are a lot of cam sites with hundreds of muscular studs, and it’s absolutely fantastic to see those bodies, but it’s almost like a norm, it’s not such a rare thing at all. At first mention, you would think that this gay porn site has that and much more action-packed together, but let me give you a fair warning, it’s not the case at all.

Could New Looks Save It?

You know how everyone says that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, this cover doesn’t draw too many looks, the homepage is bland, full black, with large model chats at its forefront, which is the one and only positive thing about it.

To make matters even worse, this is a site that has been overhauled recently, basically built from the ground-up, so you can imagine how bad it actually looked before. Still, I wouldn’t be pleased with something so fresh and supposedly new, to look like it’s 10 years behind its peers.

Some tabs look unfinished, or they have no text at all, which makes it seem like a work in progress, but why release something if it’s not ready? This is gaming industry flashbacks all over again, but in a place where it takes literally a couple of minutes of free time to do it properly, so it screams of laziness.

Literal Eyesore of a Site

Alright, let’s take a look at the models, are they hot? Most definitely, these are the hunks of your dreams, but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think that there isn’t going to be a let-down on this gay webcam site. You can count the number of models on one hand, totaling a staggering number of 5.

You read it right, for my time being on LiveMuscleShow, I didn’t encounter more live models at the same time. There are actually more, but they either don’t perform that often, or at all, because, with such low popularity, it makes you wonder why this site exists, but for the sake of an argument let’s pretend it’s drawing in some viewership.

No amount of patching and visual changes are going to change the fact that the chat streams are absolutely awful. They are all low quality, 480p if I’m being generous, and in no case are they of better quality just like on the CamDudes site. From time to time I’ve had buffering troubles when expanding the size, the video would just pause, and I’m left wondering what’s going on for some time.

The List of Cons Keeps Growing

There are also some other technical issues with the site in general, sometimes I would randomly get transferred back to the top of the homepage, even though I was trying to scroll down, or wasn’t even touching my mouse when the models refresh, so does your position on the website, and I’m guessing the page itself.

You can buy some “exclusive” content like pictures or videos. It’s standard practice, a lot of adult cam sites do it, just as a way to allow the models to connect with their fanbase. My issue with this would be that there are 2 galleries of pictures in total, both priced at $10, with workout content judging by the thumbnail.

Videos on the other hand are somewhat more popular, which is normal, but they’re also filled with workout/flexing content. There’s only a handful of solid action, the rest are honestly sad, you’re supposed to pay $10-$20 for a 10 second video of a guy in the gym, not my or anyone else’s cup of tea.


You could say that this book was a hard read, but here, I’ve done it instead of you, and I can tell you that it’s not worth the time. There’s nothing of importance that makes you want to stay and have a live chat fun with some hot, athletic men, when in reality everything about LiveMuscleShow is working towards making your experience a living nightmare.

Even the additional content provided is too expensive for what it offers, want to see some guys working out? Go to the mainstream gay webcam sites, they’re full of it, of better quality, and free on top of that. Want to watch them jerk off? Then you can find some other sites which give you the run for your money, unlike this one.

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