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Some adult cam sites are straightforward, and others are like, confusing, full of unnecessary content, and often deceiving. It’s also pretty hard to classify this site as a purely gay live sex site, the name surely suggests that, but the facts offer a different look into the issue.

The reason I’m saying this is because it’s not just a singular video chat website, but rather a collection of more, all mashed up together. There are no benefits at all, and even the main option you have is sub-par. But we’re not here to speculate, rather bring you the cold hard facts so you can decide for yourself.

Welcome To The Circus

The homepage is where the confusion starts, you’re welcomed by a clickable “Enter” button where you can choose whether you’re a man, a woman, trans, and so on. If you do go along with it, the site will lead you into chat room style cam shows. More about that later, because it’s not what we’re focusing on right now.

Also, right there on the homepage, you’ve got three choices, named “Gay Cams”, “Meet Guys”, and “Become A Model”. Each one of those represents a different type of entertainment, with the first one actually being a cam site, and the other two are a dating and modeling sites respectively.

This all actually means that you’ve got more than you’ve bargained for. There are two cam sites, so which one of them is better? Well, they’re vastly different, so we’ll have to review them separately so there is no confusion.

As already mentioned, it’s a chat-room style of cams. Basically, there’s a “Gay” section with a tiny population of both models and viewers. What this really means is that this cam site isn’t a purely gay webcam site, despite its name suggesting otherwise. It’s also visually unappealing, like something you would throw out there 20 years ago.

A lot of the times users can find themselves confused, or irritated with some of the options provided. For instance, filtering is the staple of all cam sites, and here you don’t have such options, so finding a model is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Not to mention the lack of models, and when you add that to the general poor architecture of the site, the whole vibe gets worse with each new step. Cam shows and the models performing here are amateurs, which isn’t a surprise considering the site itself is so unknown that anyone outside of the regulars is actually going to use it. I recommend you to avoid websites like JockMenLive and GayCam and go with proven sites that are well rated all over the web.

So in reality, it’s a niche site, maybe for people who want to chat with others, form friendships, but I wouldn’t trust my money here. Considering the low quality of streams (you can’t find HD streams easily), and all the negative aspects of it, it’s safe to say that GayCam is not a place for someone looking to have an online chat with gay cam hunks.

This is the other video sex chat site that you are guided towards after clicking the “Gay Cams” option. Gladly, it actually is a gay cam site, which is a breath of fresh air here, at last, you’re not being misled. Or are you? It’s actually a whitelabel of Streamen, meaning, there’s nothing original to it, or even good.

That’s just the way it is with copycats, and just so you get the general idea of how bad it is, we’ll do a full walkthrough. From the way it looks, you would think it’s legit, and in some ways, it is because it’s looking just like the original. The models are also the same, and that’s yet another good thing, but the problems lie in functionality.

See, if you decide to browse through the models, then get ready for some headaches. Some of the features aren’t working at all, you’ve got buttons to press, but they rarely do the thing they’re designated to do. Followed closely by the streams themselves. Now, mind you, at Streamen they are HD, but here the quality has been lowered for some reason.

That not only damages some of the model’s reputation but also grants you sub-par shows. And you’re only going to stay around if the videos don’t buffer for too long. WebcamGuys is pretty much deceiving you with the looks of another site, without the ability to offer you a service, and they do it at the same price, such a shame.


GayCam is a ride from start to finish, and not a pleasant one. The live sex site under the same name is a travesty, I wouldn’t even dare to call it a gay webcam site. The other one is as close to the real deal as these guys were able to make it, and yet it’s nowhere near. So, really, don’t waste time on this site, you’ll just get a raging headache.

Considering they have tried stealing from Streamen, how about you visit that site? There’s a reason why it’s being copied, and it’s mostly because of the success. As a user, I would say it’s also because you get pleased with the hot guys doing whatever you want, for an affordable price. To top it off, you’ll have none of the quality issues, the gay models are stellar, and all you need is a bunch of lube, so make sure to treat yourself!

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