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Does jerking off feel boring? It doesn’t have to be, at least when you’ve got someone to do it with you, or even better, having a chat hunk who will do whatever your desires are. Instead of watching pre-set porn clips where you’ll have a scene or two that suits you, go for our live cam sessions where everything is tailored by your measures.

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If you want to see a twink blasting his bunghole with a dildo, and moaning for deeper drilling, you can get exactly that, no questions asked. However, some of us like things a bit spicy, like some gay BDSM play, no matter if you’re a master or a gay cam slave, there are a lot of models craving the same thing.

For some casual fun, you can’t go wrong with an athletic black stud like BigDaddyDarren. He loves wearing sleeveless shirts to show off those biceps, but more often than not he’s not wearing one at all. Like most manly live models, he’s more than capable of sweetening the pot with his massive cock, which looks delicious.

You’ll see him flexing the arms, his chest, and even the chiseled sex-pack, but he can do much more for you. Let him do some push-ups so you can see that body in gay action, getting beefier as he pumps the muscles while having a video chat with you, and the sweat starts sliding down his body, passing over all those manly humps and getting you horny.

You can bet that he’s sharing the sentiment, already that meaty prick has gotten firmed up, and you can see it bulging inside his pants. He reaches down and starts playing with his tool, asking you if you like what you see, telling you how much he needs to release all the pent-up cum, and talking other filth.

Just for you, he’ll whip it out, and you’ll see his veiny schlong in its full glory while he’s lubing it up and getting ready for a jerk-off session. There will already be pre-cum leaking out of your cock, so tell him to stroke that dick hard and fast so you would finish at the same time and reach a raging orgasm.

If you’re more of a bad boy who needs a sexy submissive gay guy to do as you please, then try out XXXChriss. He is one of my favorite live chat models that I follow and I watched him first on the Cam4 site a few years ago and then he started camming on the GayCamsChat. He’s so cute that you’ll initially have trouble doing some dirty things to him, but once you see how he acts as a prissy little faggot, it’s all going to be marginally easier, and you’ll enjoy dominating him.

He might talk back to you, so just shut him down, bend him over your knees and give him a couple of unexpected spanks in his live gay webcam room. If that’s not enough to teach him a lesson, get his arms tied up, and get him on his knees in front of you. Nothing will sober him up like a couple of slaps across that face, and the sight of your cock.

The moment he sees how glorious it is, you, and that dick will be worshipped, to the point where he’ll be begging to suck it. Let him loose, untie his arms and command that he grabs a dildo, so he can practice those blowjob skills on it, and on top of that, you should also require to see how well he’s using feet to stroke it.

It’s up to you how he’s going to be treated, maybe you want to test him a bit more and put a chastity cage on his dick while teasing and mocking him by jerking off. Or you want to see how far his asshole can spread, preferably gaping it wide, all that matters is you jizz that fat load, the pleasure is all yours.

The best thing about these online gay sessions is that you can pick and choose who to chat with, and with so many webcam guys online at all times, you’ll just have to try multiple live guys out in order to find out who will be “the one”, and somehow I doubt that’s going to be an issue.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be left with a smile on your face and a burning desire to come back for more, and nothing can stop you from getting as much as you want.

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