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Although webcam chat sites are not underrepresented at all, you probably already know that most of them either aren’t good, or original. seems to fall under one of those two categories, and you’ll be able to see more once we take a stroll down the lane and inspect every corner of this live sex site in our new review for you.

For the most part, it might seem totally legit, especially because it does look good, but there’s something else hiding beneath the surface. In short, is not what it looks like, it might have a pretty make-up, but it’s a total rip-off, so let’s see why, and what you can do to avoid these types of gay websites.

All Things Wrong with

First of all, I’d like to expand on what is wrong with GayChat, it’s a copy of another popular gay webcam site named That means that the site looks great, these guys didn’t even change the colors because there’s nothing you can do to make Streamen look better, but it just shows how little effort they’ve put into copying another site.

The filtering system looks the same, they’ve got the same models as well, the only different thing is the name of the site. But that doesn’t mean that they’ve managed to pull off everything completely identically. Some features are straight-up downgrades because they don’t function all that great, or at all.

Upon closer inspection, even the chat windows have some faults, or the stream quality itself, which hinders the overall experience of those who got fooled. Sometimes the issues are so frustrating that you can’t even keep up watching the shows, or they take so long to buffer that you’re essentially wasting money.

It’s A Watered-Down Version Of Streamen

The sad reality is, you’re supposed to be getting the same shows on both ends, or at least the cam models who are performing them are the same, but it’s not like that. A lot of the top-rated hunks here are no longer present, there must be a reason for it, but whatever it is, there’s no reason to delve deeper into it.

Besides the already mentioned video qualities, GayChat has issues with its customer support. See, that’s one thing they couldn’t copy at all, so they never bothered to set it up. You can only hope that someone is going to answer your e-mails, still, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get a worthwhile answer from them. That is why I avoid sites like SuperMen and I prefer using trustworthy gay sites that come with the best support.

If you happen to buy too many in-game currencies, and you feel like you deserve a refund since nothing is working as intended, it’s hardly going to happen. But they did bother to place a link towards another one of their sites,, which is more of the same, but with black men only featured, and I wouldn’t recommend it either.

Evade It At All Costs

There is a reason why these guys are copying Streamen, and I don’t blame them, it’s the place where you can get all kinky and fetish-based gay webcam shows from various hunks, both young and old, black and white, muscular and twinks. But the fact remains that they will never be able to fully copy it with success.

There are too many things that aren’t properly functioning to even consider a replacement. Furthermore, it just seems like they’re trying to rip off people, which wouldn’t be far from the truth since the only thing they do is set up a site and use something someone else made, in hopes of earning money.

The best thing you can do to avoid this, and similar types of cam sites is to go with an established name. Streamen has proven its success far too many times over the years, it is the sole reason why others copy it, so it’s best to go straight towards the source and feed yourself all the perversions the way they’re meant to be experienced.


There you have it, is not even worth mentioning in a positive context, it’s a copycat after all, and you can’t expect any good out of it. There is a whole bunch of fakes out there, this live gay site is far from being the only one to copy Streamen, but none of them are able to do any good impressions of the original.

But it’s not the end of the world, now at least you know where to go when there’s a craving for some good, quality man-on-man action. is able to sate all my cravings, and you can expect nothing less of it, every bit of the site is carefully planned, and models are focused on delivering perfection.

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