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There’s a reason some sites get left in the dust, regardless of their old glory, which doesn’t fare well in the world of the internet. Failing to make a change on time, or to listen to what the community has to say is granting a quick road to collapse, someone else will be there to fill that spot, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Some live sex chat sites stand the test of time, while others fall behind, get outplayed by their competitors, and lose the majority of their customer base. XLoveGay in its heyday was deemed a worthy gay cam site, started in 2006, but it’s no longer a head-turner, and in all honesty, it’s far away from that.

First Impression

The site looks quite basic, it’s pleasant for the eyes, but it lacks modernization, revamping it to fit today’s standards would definitely help towards attracting more people, kind of like CameraBoys.com which has one of the best user interfaces in the business.

There are a lot of filtering options, that section is quite detailed, and is one of the few features that’s commendable about XLoveGay. The pop-up is one of those things that no one wants, and this site really likes spamming them in your face, from the moment you visit, for which there is no need at all, and makes it look untrustworthy.

Not a lot of models

You know the site is taking its last breaths when there are 10-20 models online. One could argue that fewer live chat performers could equal higher quality, but that’s not the case at all. If you were to place it side by side with some competitors like CB which has hundreds live at any time of the day or night, it really fades in comparison.

Out of all the models that are online, you might find about one or two who are rated, the rest are amateurs throwing themselves into the mix and dipping their toes in the water. There is nothing that sets them apart and makes your jaw drop to the floor when you check them out, it’s basically more of the same, so for someone who needs diversity, you won’t be facing a lot of choices.

How about other gay cam chat sites that will provide you with some top quality BDSM sessions and all kinds of other fetishes that you might have? You just go to the GayCamsChat and there you will see them all now.

Dull live shows

The quality of cams could be a lot better, as a matter of fact, it will take some time until they buffer, and until then you’re getting awful 240p cams. While it’s buffering, you can only take a deep breath and pray that it’s going to be anything better, because most of the models I have checked out have subpar equipment.

You don’t have an option to really view the cams in full screen, and it’s always going to appear as a smaller screen while the homepage is in the backdrop. The more you try to focus on what’s going on, the harder it gets to actually enjoy the shows, as far as gay cams go, both Streamen.com and CameraBoys.com don’t have this issue at all, the focal point of your attention is all on the models.

As for the action, there is some, there will be nudity, but it’s all irrelevant until you go to the private show with a handsome gay dude, for which I wasn’t ready to chime in because it seems pointless to dwell any further into this site.

Customer support

Having some issues or complaints is going to happen no matter which site is in question, and it’s up to them to quickly resolve the issue and take care of a customer. Searching for the customer support page is a hell of its own, you will probably spend quite a lot of time looking for it. There are much better sites to choose from than JizzRoulette and XLoveGay and right below I show you some best websites to visit.

When you do eventually find it (If you didn’t give up already), it’s going to be quite basic and lackluster. You can either contact them via mail, or live support which was non-existent, I was waiting for someone to show up, but it seems pretty dead, just like the site.


From what I could gather, XLoveGay has nothing that could make me stick around, and the very fact that there are almost no models is enough of a sign that you shouldn’t fare with it. The lack of diversity, bad quality of cams, annoying pop-ups, and other cons heavily outweigh any good that this site has.

What you really need are established adult cam sites which have both the quantity and quality to them. The aforementioned Streamen and CameraBoys are amongst the best the internet has to offer. There you can choose your stud, gay twink, or anything else, and you will be able to pick and choose as if you’re in a candy store.

The bottom line is, don’t waste your time on XLoveGay, we are blessed with the alternative choices, and they are doing everything better, so you know where to turn if there’s an itch in your pants that you need to be taken care of.

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