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One should never jerk off alone, I’m sure there’s a saying akin to that, and if there isn’t, then you’ve heard it here first, but let’s get back to the important stuff. When it happens that you get all horny and have a certain jerk-off buddy in mind, but he’s not available, then go for the next best thing.

Gay masturbation cam2cam will always be available, and you get to pick a sexy stud to get all hot and bothered with, so shoot for the stars during a live chat session. There are some seriously stunning men and boys here, who will catch your eye regardless of personal taste, and you’ll reach multiple orgasms with them.

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Do you love chiseled studs? Well, who doesn’t? SteeleSteven is everybody’s man, he can’t help himself from performing sexy striptease shows, and he takes great pride in his dancing skills. Some sexy music to set the atmosphere, and he will rip off his tight shirt like a sexy beast, moving those hips as if he’s impaling your throat with his tool.

You’ll watch him spread some oil on his pecs, rubbing it all over the six-pack, and making his muscles look absolutely amazing. His seductive webcam show isn’t complete until he strips down the underwear, and his cock, firmer than those muscles, pops out.

What a delicious treat, you’ll be licking your lips, he’s got the perfect snack between his legs, if only you could get a lick of it at least. All sweaty and out of breath, he regains the strength once seeing you jerk off, and gets back to the business himself.

The sight of his foreskin getting pulled over the tip and then sliding back down as he slowly strokes it will awaken a lustful emotion in you. Tell him to go at it faster, make him follow your lead so you jerk off those hard cocks without holding back, leading each other into potent orgasms.

You could also go for the less flashy models, total amateurs who are no less stunning, and someone like BigBoy_Mike would surely get you to bust a fat nut in this gay masturbation cam session. He’s a friendly college guy, who wants to meet some new people and entertain them along the way.

Who’s to say that he doesn’t get satisfied as well? The whole point of live cam2cam chats lies in hosts watching you as well and getting some fun out of seeing you furiously stroke that cock. First, he’ll get to know you better, getting intimate is a big part of why he’s so good, so tell him all about your kinks.

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Maybe you both have a foot fetish, and there’s no harm in performing a footjob on a dildo for starters, just as an exercise to get your blood flow redirected towards the cocks. It doesn’t hurt to use some toys, like a cockring, so you can jerk off for much longer while having a gay cam fun, keeping those dicks hard but not cumming for hours if needed.

Get some lube ready if you don’t want to get friction burns, and start stroking, beat that dick like you mean it. If you’ve got a fleshlight, then it’s even better, plant it on your pecker, and pump as much as you want, until you’re ready to reach the pinnacle.

Jerking off will never feel the same after you’ve visited gay masturbation cam2cam models, and got a taste of their wild shows. You will earn a stroking buddy for a lifetime, without all the hassle of hooking up, getting disappointed by certain physical features, and then trying again.

This way you’re getting the most eager, frisky men who are looking exactly as you’ve imagined them, without any downtime and waiting. Got morning wood? Well, you can get rid of it easily with some of these hunks in a matter of minutes, or longer, you might stick around for a second round after all.

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