GayPage Review

GayPage Review

Sometimes all it takes for a live sex chat to take off is a little bit of intuitiveness, some fun features and the word spreads like wildfire through the internet. On the other hand, cramming too much into it can be overwhelming, despite seeming like a good thing, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

From the get-go, Gaypage seems like one of those adult chat sites where they offer everything you would need as a fan of gay cams, and even going overboard with some features, but there’s just something about it that doesn’t sit well.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

The homepage makes it seem like you’re getting a free chat with live webcam hunks from all over the world, which is right and wrong at the same time. There are multiple features, and each of them has something different to offer, Video & Text Chat, and Sex Cams.

Some of those are indeed free and require no registration, but without it, you will be missing the whole point of having an account and everything it offers. And then there are others that are absolutely useless without an account, which screams false advertisement all over this site, so let’s break them down.

Text Chat

This feature is the most baffling part, you are getting random people on a video stream in front of you, and they usually just skip you, because why would they even chat with someone they can’t see? Even if you do find someone who wants to, it’s just pointless, the conversation quickly turns dull, and you get bored out of it fast.

Why anyone thought this would be good to add is beyond me, it has that early 2000’s feel to it, a lot of models on the other end can’t even properly type or talk in English, so you’re faced with a serious language barrier when you join these live gay porn rooms. Honestly, it shouldn’t even exist in the first place, there are much better ways for anyone to get some kinky action in real-time without the hassle and typing.

There are lots of other gay webcam sites that you can visit to have a live sex chat on and the best ones are mentioned on the so take a look at it as soon as possible.

Video Chat

Don’t expect much from this one, because it’s nothing new, and it’s not even original. The roulette style video cam chat between you and other amateurs is one more aged concept you would rather not be a part of. The majority of users are there to screw around (Sadly not in a literal sense), while you’re trying to rub one out with someone, and the chances of finding a good fit are slim to none.

The funniest part? It’s another site hosted on Gaypage, which is mainly focused on roulette chatting, which is alright, but certainly isn’t what you’re promised, because you have to pay (Ergo, not free). In hindsight, it isn’t what you may think it is, and it’s nothing as original as you might think, so it’s better to stay away since there are better alternatives.

Sex Cams

The most disappointing feature of all, we all love us some sex cams, and there are some well-known out there that you just can’t miss out on, like Streamen and CameraBoys which are much better than JizzRoulette and GayPage. The latter is actually what you get here, even though the layout looks a bit different, you will get streams from Chaturbate.

In itself, it might not sound so bad, if you were actually redirected, but in its place, you are getting a cheap gay copy that does not even have the same features. The slimmed-down version is a blatant attempt at trying to look different, but at the cost of performance.

You are also getting a limited number of live sessions, but if you want more, you will be taken to another link, which is pretty much more of the same. To make matters worse, they didn’t even bother to switch out the Chaturbate logo, it’s right there on your browser tab, which makes them look lazy.


I would never, not even in a thousand years recommend this site to someone who wants to enjoy some live sex action. Everything about it is tastelessly done, on top of the false “Free” video chat which redirects you to gay porn paysites, and obvious unoriginality, you have to swallow the bitter pill and take less than promised.

Even on the homepage, there are so many mistakes that are laughable, multiple times in the text you are faced with inconsistencies like “Six free gay chat options” and then “Four free gay chat options”, followed by the list of three free gay chat options.

If you really want to enjoy yourself without all the headaches and lack of features, I can recommend another site, CameraBoys. There you have thousands of gay webcam studs, filtering options for kinks and body types, good quality of cams, and all you have to do is sign up once to enjoy chatting and masturbating with other men of similar taste.

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