Gay Smoking Fetish Cams

If hot men with cigs between their fingers and lips get you aroused, then you’ve come to the right place to be dominated or playful with them on these live smoking fetish cams today. Turns out, these gay men also love just sitting around, exhaling thick gusts of smoke with you, and enjoying some sexy jerk-off sessions, but it’s hardly what you’re here for.

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Gay Smoking Cams

You want some muscular chat studs in leather smoking a Cuban cigar and spanking your naughty ass while using you as a human ashtray. Or you want a sexy twink to twerk his ass for you while vaping, and then blowing that smoke on a dildo that will feed his nicotine cravings through the deep anal pounding.

Do you need a slender Latin cam cutie like DustinEvanson? He’s sort of a shy guy who is looking for a way to relax, and there is no better way than lighting up a cigarette in the live private chat and smoking with you. He’ll ask you all about the ways you like to party with boys like him, and gradually he’ll open up and start teasing you.

He licks the tip of a new cigarette as if it was your cock, working wonders around it, and you just know that he would make you crave to slam it down his throat. Well then don’t be afraid to ask him, make him wrap his hands around a rubber cock, and bend down to wrap those pretty lips around it.

When you tell him to go deeper, he will, and when he wants to take a breath, he better inhale it through the ciggy, so he can make a smoke show on the dildo. It would definitely feel divine to have your cock under the veil of smoke, only feeling the back of his throat grinding on your tip, giving you immense pleasure.

He can only stop once the cigarette is finished, but once it’s out, you should make him ride that dildo with his slender booty. Make him slowly impale himself during a smoking fetish live chat while you’re enjoying a cigarette and stroking your cock at the same time. The closer you are to an orgasm, the harder he will go, spreading his booty, moaning your name out loud, and cumming himself at the same time you are.

But if you see smoking as a thing only real alpha males do, then ApoloFlame will be your best choice when you stop by GayCamsChat. He’s a mature gay cam daddy, with a buff body, built like a bull who would manhandle you, pin you down with his muscular hands while keeping the cigar in his mouth and letting the ash fall all over you.

But before that happens, he will have to test you, and he doesn’t like bratty little fags, so you better keep that mouth shut and do what he tells you. If it means getting smoke blown in your face while you’re tied to a chair, then you sit still, but it’s not like you’ll have any choice after all. If you start to tear up, he’s going to spit on your face and make your nuts reach the boiling point by holding the cigar ember right underneath it.

That’s the kind of gay guy you’re dealing with, but what he actually wants is to have his meaty cock pleased. First, you’ll get throatfucked, he’s throwing you on his bed in this smoking fetish cam session, with your head positioned so he can slide that monster inside your throat, and see it bulge out during hardcore oral.

Then he’ll fold your legs close to your head, and play with your tight anus by inserting a cigar in there. And only then will you feel his smoky breath on your face as he’s drilling your bunghole. To make matters harsher, if you want to cum, you’ll have to deposit it into a cup, along with cigarette ash, and drink it all up because he wants to see you humiliated more than anything.

There is a lot of smoking apparatus out there that these male models will include in their arsenal, and some might interest you more than the others, but don’t worry, they have it all. Some are exclusive for private shows since they want to save the best for a select few, and you could be one of those guys on fetish sex webcams.

Whether you like to be dominated, or be the one in charge, any kind of a show will be enhanced with smoking. Those clouds of smoke dancing in the room, the smell of nicotine spreading, it hardly gets any better, and you will get to experience it all right here.

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