Gay Small Penis Humiliation Cams Chat

Does getting that miserable thing between your legs ridiculed by muscular gay studs entertain you? Then you’re going to love this small penis humiliation live chats, where there are no limits to what your gay cam hosts can do or say. They all love to start with some old-fashioned mocking, comparing your micropenis to an object, or just calling it names.

After that, it’s time to get physical, and there are multiple means of torture you can go through, each better thought out than the last one. They enjoy being in a place of power, way above you, while feeling all high and mighty as they make you go through punishments.

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Gay Small Penis Humiliation Cams Chat

Smezra is a dominating master, and he’s always up for a gay SPH webcam session. From the moment you meet him, he will demand you kneel in front of him, all while he shows you what a real cock looks like. Your pupils will get wide once you see his tool, the golden gun of a cock, which looks like a holy relic.

Go on and worship it, like it was sent from God himself so you could bask in its glory, tell him how it instills humility in your bones because you couldn’t even hold a candle to such beauty. You would be right because he can’t even stand watching your pathetic prick, let alone seeing you touch it.

A chastity cage is going to be put on it, making you unable to fiddle with that useless thing while he slams his on the palm of his hand, making a sound as if it’s a baton. You’re not even worthy of watching it anymore, he will blindfold you during a one on one SPH chat, and make you sit in a corner until he lets you go.

He wants you to feel like you’re not even worthy of watching such big cocks, until he lets you go and makes you grab a dildo, the biggest one you have. Imagine it’s his dick, he will make you suck it deep down your throat, while you struggle to catch a breath. Even though you’re having a hard time, this dominant cam dude won’t spare words, telling you that he’s doing this because your prick is a joke and that he wants you to feel a proper one for a change.

Hot muscular guys are unavoidable on the SM gay chat website, someone like BigboyCarson with his enormous arms, a defined six-pack, and chunky legs is the perfect example. He is obsessed with perfection, which you can notice on him, so the moment he sees that baby dick, he’s going to get furious.

He will light up a cigarette, and call you an acorn dicked gay loser, a chipolata cock disgrace, and much more until you start breaking down in front of him. He will make you clip the tip of your penis, while he spreads ashes over your member, and don’t act surprised if cigarette ember falls on it too, you just have to rough it out.

Once he’s done with the smoke, he will take the clips off, and make you wash off that hideous thing, of course in ice-cold water when you enjoy a tiny dick humiliation webcam fun. Don’t leave a dirty spot on it, take your time, soak that thing for at least a couple of minutes until it’s ready.

Gay SPH Webcam Chat

Even though it’s all shriveled up, he’s going to make you stroke it for him, preferably with some objects like pincers, or you’re going to take two toothpicks and stroke it with them. Finally, when he gets bored with seeing you so miserable, he will allow you to do it with your hands.

It’s time he sees if that tiny cock can produce any cum, so deposit it in a cup. What a pity, only a couple of drops, but it’s as expected, and he wants to punish you for it by making you drink it, your own semen sliding down your throat.

These masters may seem heartless, and you wouldn’t be wrong, humiliating you is their calling, it’s what feeds their sadistic nature. The very thought of a depraved, cockless man standing with shame on his face is what gets them excited, they don’t need much more to have fun on the gay SPH cams chat at the GayCamsChat site now.

You will be faced with a barrage of insults followed by live domination, and you will listen to every order because they’re alpha males, far superior to you. There is no better way to get humiliated than surrendering your body to dominant live cam men and being controlled from beginning to end.

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