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For every filthy master, there’s a sub, and you can find yours on these gay slave cams. They are craving to meet a dominating man, the one who doesn’t take no for an answer, or allows any kind of disobedience on his turf, sounds familiar? I’m sure you can fit that role without batting an eye.

There is a sadistic or masochistic side hiding deep in every one of us, so let these spoiled faggots feel on their skin which one you are. Whatever it is you’re deciding to do, or any challenge you want to topple, your slave is required to follow your instructions in the live chat session, so use your creativity to make your stay fun.

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Gay Slave Cams Chat

BootyBoyWill is a skinny sub who has a perky little ass that deserves some stuffing, so if you have an anal obsession and want to do all kinds of dirty stuff, pick him. He will prance around his room for you, strip down nude, and even twerk if you need him to.

Don’t go easy on him, he likes it rough, so try your best to humiliate him before drilling that puckering asshole. Tell him to kneel down and spank that firm ass, make it blush from each strike of your whip, and then throw in a paddle, just because you can.

Tell him what a pathetic little bitch he is, and make him bend over for you, spreading the ass live on the gay slave cams chat and showing you the goods, or in this case, his cum depository. Order him to finger it, and don’t let him take a breath, there’s no time to waste and you want to see the bunghole gape.

He can use a dildo, and he’ll have a limited amount of time with it because next in line is his fist. Five fingers are going to fit inside, and then he’ll have some trouble going wider, but you have the power here, so make him stick it inside.

When you cum, make sure he watches your load shoot in his direction, and then just leave him there, used as a condom, but who cares? He’s a lowly faggot after all.

Maybe you just need a guy to degrade, and feel better about yourself after letting all that anger out, in which case you should meet GentleEddy in the gay slave webcam room. No matter how hard you break and degrade him, he will take it, silently, even if he’s struggling which is a sign of a great sub.

Do you want him to lick the bottom of your shoes, or the toilet seat because he’ll do it no questions asked. Collar him and hold him on a leash like he’s your pet, and make him pee himself, just for the sake of keeping it authentic.

The best way to exert your dominance is through ballbusting, nothing is as freeing as squashing another man’s nuts. You can kick them, pour wax on them, flick them with your fingers, whatever comes to mind, only so he would be in agony.

Gay Slave Webcam

Play with him and tell him to jerk off, it’s going to be a tough task after so much ball torture, but he’ll handle it somehow. Every stroke will be like a sentence instead of bliss, and even the moment he busts a load will be dreadful in this live BDSM chat. There’s no punishment known to a man worse than being forced to eat his own semen, that’s exactly what you need to do, and watch him make grimaces while swallowing it.

These weak-willed manlets are deserving of a harsh punishment, no matter in what shape or form. As a dom, you’re going to enjoy seeing them brought to tears after an extensive mental degradation, and when they’re broken down and under control, you get to do whatever is on your mind.

For all the male alphas out there, gay slave cams are a unique chance to exert your will, and if you consider yourself a true master, then you’ll be delighted to take these boys under your command.

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