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Have you ever had a dirty fantasy about a straight man spreading his cheeks for the first time, and he’s doing it just for you? Such an imagination is granted to become a reality on gay for pay cams, where all the heterosexuals are going to do the things they’ve never done before as long as it means your cravings are sated.

As long as you’re paying them, these live webcam guys are willing to trade balls-deep blowjobs and those tight booty holes for your money, something they would never do in real life, and yet a lot of them enjoy every second of it. Just imagine a set of tender lips trembling as these hot heterosexual men wrap around a dick, and soon enough refusing to let go of it because the feeling is too intense to be ignored.

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Gay Hairy Cams Chat

You should definitely check out some younger guys, like MikeForell, a sexy chat boy who is still open to some experiments, and why wouldn’t you initiate him to the first show where he’ll learn all about the beauty of gay sex? As long as you’re paying, he’ll be down for anything, but let’s start with the most vanilla thing first, how about he does a little bit of striptease for you?

He’s got the moves, all the hip thrusts, his hands slightly unveiling the abs, and then poof, the shirt is gone, and you’ve got yourself a hot stud wearing nothing but boxer briefs. His bulge is kind of starting to show, but throw a couple of compliments his way, and he’ll be on cloud nine, appreciative of your kind words that give him some sort of empowerment.

It’s nice to hear from a fellow man what a hot body you’ve got, and even better, what a tasty dick there is inside your pants. He’ll start sweating, but not the nervous type, more of a horny, “can’t wait to try more” type of sweat. The unimaginable happens during that gay for pay cam session, he unpacks a brand new dildo, a guy like him, he thought it would never be used, but that moment closer than ever.

Your newly turned gay friend is kneeling, it’s finally going to happen. He opens his mouth wide, sticks his tongue out, and starts licking the tip in front of the camera. Once it’s all slick and wet, he’ll thrust his head forward and slowly swallow a good chunk of the rubber cock. He likes it obviously, to the point where he’s moaning out for you to cum even while having a mouthful of dick.

Jachai is one of those big dick ebony guys, and would you believe it, sucking his own cock never even crossed this model’s mind? Once he’s around you, those thoughts will radically change, almost too easy. Don’t let that fool you though, this straight cam dude is no stranger to using vibrating toys on his anus, sure, it’s not penetration, but there’s a kindle that needs to be re-flamed.

Don’t hold back from jerking off together with him, it’s the stepping stone to the real thing, and what’s wrong with an “old fashioned”? The longer it goes, the more he’s going to be excited, especially if you ramp up the vibration on his remote-controlled anal toy in the live gay for pay video chat. It’s what he needs, the stimulation to help him make a decision.

He would lube up the dildo real nicely, plant it on the ground, and crouching, slowly planting himself on top of it. Look at the way his sphincter is stretching, it’s like he’s discovered a whole new meaning to his life, and it feels better than anything in this world. In fact, it’s so good that he has the power to decide to treat you with something more.

Give him a slight nudge, encourage him to get a taste of his own delicious BBC. At this point he’s acting like a veteran, pounding his booty with a dildo, blowing a dick, and the sensation is indescribable. In fact, he’ll go a mile beyond and show you how hungry he is for a guy like you, the entire load, every last drop of it will finish in his mouth, and the taste of semen will forever change his ways.

No matter how straight, there’s nothing like money to convince a straight guy to switch the teams on these gay for pay live chat sites. You’ll find a lot of these guys wandering about, waiting for the inevitable, they’re bi-curious at the very least, but once you persuade them, that curiosity will turn into an ever-growing desire.

With live cam2cam shows, you’ll even manage to create your personal cock-craving sluts out of straight men. Make them your fuck puppets, lock down their cocks, fuck their assholes until they’re gaping, whatever suits you best. Once they dip the toe into the gay world, it’s easy to convince these heterosexual cam models to go for a full-blown swim in a lake of cocks and their delicious white fluid.

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