Gay Chastity Webcam Shows

Are you daydreaming of a dominant alpha male? Do you want him to take control over your prick? Here at these gay chastity webcams the male models are eager to restrict your freedoms until their sadistic nature is fed. Your little one is going to get locked down and key to its freedom hidden by your master, who will tease you and dominate until those sacks are swollen from the amount of cum in them.

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Gay Chastity Webcams

You have to earn it, just like any submissive man would, even though it takes worshipping a superior man’s body and following his orders. The feeling of a cage on your tool, even though it restricts any and all boners, is equally thrilling, and will make you crave that feeling any time you’re not wearing it.

Guys like RomeoColin leave no room for imagination, he’s got his 8-incher out in the open for you to see and drool over. This tall, muscular man is the epitome of a dom, but what do you have that could entertain him? It certainly isn’t that sad excuse for a cock down there, because it can’t even compare to his.

You’ll have to observe him brandishing that thing like it’s a rifle, superior to your BB gun, and your ears are full of his ridicule. Soon enough you’re falling under his spell, and he’s able to control every muscle in your body. When he wants you to get spanked, you will gladly obey the orders, even if your ass gets all red.

Then you take a chastity device for your cock and lock it down. It’s closed shut, the key is dangling in front of you during a live gay webcam show, just as a reminder of your obedience. You watch his manly hands polishing that meaty dick, both of them at the same time, sudden jealousy overcomes you, and it’s almost like the chastity is getting even tighter.

In reality, it’s your brain playing tricks on you, your nuts filling up with juice even though you’re not touching yourself. You need anything, even if it involves you deepthroating a dildo on the GayCamsChat website, maybe even two, if he cums because of your efforts, maybe you will too. Or maybe not? It depends on your master’s mood, he might even make you wear that cock restraint for a few days before it’s unlocked and stroked.

Some of you are definitely more into the idea of being tortured, not just dominated, but brought to the brink of despair. That’s definitely the home ground for ToffClayton, even though he might not look the part, but this seemingly regular guy loves having all the power in his hands, and that includes your cock.

He won’t make you wear a chastity right away, first, you’ll be teased, it all starts as a normal show. You get hard, he moans out for your cock, it gets you immensely horny in this gay chastity video chat, and you’re close to cumming. Sounds too fast? Because it is, what kind of a man are you even? He stops you, puts an end to your pleasure moments before an orgasm, and demands you restrain yourself.

Place a chastity lock on yourself and play with your bunghole. Out of shame, you start with a finger, but it quickly devolves into hard anal pounding with a dildo, followed by another one, and suddenly you’re gaping from all the penetration. Your nuts have gotten so full that they hurt to touch, so much that even jerking off is quickly becoming a mission impossible.

Good thing you’ve got that chastity, but it won’t save you for much longer. Right when you think he’s pleased with your performance, you get to jerk off again. Your cock has become limp, but your master has an idea, why don’t you perform a self-blowjob. Yeah, that sounds like fun, at least for him. And once you get that cock working again, it won’t take long before you cum, and if you do, he wants to see you busting a nut in your mouth for a punishment.

Let’s face it, holding back from masturbation takes a lot of restraint, and most of us don’t have it. Even if you own a dick cage, where’s the fun in doing it alone? If no one knows, it’s like it didn’t happen. But thankfully, you’ve got the studs here on gay chastity cams to not only make it interesting but heighten the whole ordeal to another level.

You’ll be so addicted to wearing a chastity device on your dick, that it might become a regular occurrence. It’s mainly because of those intense orgasms, the feeling itself is what you get hooked on, and you’ll be back to recreate it.

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