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The world’s greatest delights are a product of great suffering, and that’s what the masters here on gay ballbusting cams are perfectly trained at. They can inflict just the right amount of pain, you will feel it electrifying your body, tingling through it, and when you feel like you can’t handle anymore, your dom will stop and offer you some gratification.

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Even though at times it might seem like he’s going overboard, you can rest assured that there’s no such thing, these hunks know what they’re doing more than you ever will. Whatever the situation you’ve got going on down there, regardless of size, it belongs to your overlord, and he’s free to do whatever he wants.

Bennyblast is a total hunk, we’re talking tall, muscular, chiseled jaw, but his mindset is not that pretty. This man wants to express his rage, and there’s no better thing than exerting it on someone else. You will drool over how perfect he is, and even worship him, yell out “spank me daddy”, and perk out that ass of yours.

But that doesn’t bring him pleasure, he wants to get straight into the action, and your balls are going to be on the menu. At first, you’ll get teased, tickled with a feather, and then slightly poked just so you can get a clue of what’s going to happen down the road in these gay ball busting chat rooms. I can assure you that it won’t be pretty, well, not for you anyhow.

He will suit up his arms with a pair of boxing gloves, and go to work on your punching bags. Left and right the hits are landing on your nuts, and you hear a ringing noise in your head, but it’s not the one that signals this round is over. Nothing you hope for is going to happen, and it will keep on until he’s gotten rid of all the negative energy.

Then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, he will stop, take off the gloves, and start jerking off his impressively sized dick. You’ll be forced to do so as well, but you won’t have a choice how, that’s all on him because he’s the one in charge and you’re here just to follow orders.

Or maybe you want someone older, a more experienced man like Maxxx_Miles, bearded, with hairs all over his body, that’s what alphas are supposed to look like. He’s going to make you sniff those hairy armpits and lick his legs, all the way down to his shoes where you’re going to undo his laces with your teeth.

Then he’ll make you suck on his toes, while he’s ripping the clothes off you and slamming a leather paddle against your booty in the live gay webcam chat. This stud doesn’t give any warnings out, he just does what he needs to do, and right now, it seems like you deserve some much-needed behavior adjustment to become a faithful slave.

Nothing some ballbusting won’t solve, and he is prepared to use any part of his body, starting with elbows, then kneeling on your nuts, and finally kicking them with his feet. You’ve got them ready with your slutty sucking, and not only that, he also has the need to torture you further.

You will be commanded to suck your own cock, and while you’re at it, he will use the same paddle your ass was smacked with and slam your balls. Don’t think of stopping, you will have to blow yourself until he says it’s over, and it doesn’t seem like he wants you to stop until there’s a load of jizzing filling that mouth.

As time passes, your orgasm starts nearing, the pain has held it off for too long, and you can’t contain yourself because you’re finally going to reach the delightful feeling of cumming. It’s bitter-sweet, you’re in total bliss, and yet he wants to see you swallowing that load, but that’s the life of a sub.

If you’re looking for a perfect man to bust your nuts, then you’ll find it here amongst the many gay masters. You’re drawn in already, thinking of trying male ballbusting cams just once, and you know the truth is you will crave the next session, and you will want to get it even harder.

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