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There’s usually not much about free cam sites that can go sideways, even if they have an early 2000s look, everyone loves them some free stuff regardless of quality. Even though you’ll have the “free gay webcams” blasted in your face on this site, it’s both a true and false statement at the same time.

I won’t get all “Schrodinger’s cat” with you, yes you do get to watch them for free, but not like you’ll get any fun out of it because the live shows offer no nudity from the waist down 99.9% of the time. If you want to see some action unfold, then get ready to type in your credit card info, because private shows don’t come for cheap.

Not-so Promising Start

I have to give credit where credit is due, the whole site looks awesome, the black background works well in contrast to the pink text color. There are a lot of languages included, and you can even filter the models by the languages they speak, or the one you rather prefer.

Overall, the filtering as a whole is quite well made, with a simple drop menu on the left side, and the moment you open it, the rest of the cam windows move over to the side rather than overlapping with the filters.

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What you should know is that none of it is new and original, considering this site is a whitelabel of Flirt4Free you’re basically looking at a copy. Besides the different color (blue to pink), nothing else is changed, except for the whole fetish section, which is non-existent on Freegaywebcams.

I don’t know about you, but having no options for something spicier is a total downer, instead of finding a kinky gay master or a slave with a couple of clicks, you would have to go through all the available ones and waste time seeing if they want to do something out of the ordinary.

Disappointing Lack Of Diversity

Buff, muscular guys are the staple of live gay shows, and sure, I want to see a hot bod from time to time, but it’s always better to mix it up a bit. The models here are truly looking like Greek gods, some beefy, others leaner, but they’ve all got a stacked physique.

The lack of variety is something I’m not a fan of, especially when each and every one of these guys looks like a copy of the last one, and in time (a couple of minutes), the whole site is losing appeal. Regardless of this downside, it’s time to see what they have to offer, maybe we get lucky with the shows.

I’ve tried out at least a dozen gay chat rooms, and the premise of every one of those is quite stale. The guys would flex their muscles, listen to some music, talk with their chat, and they usually try to drag you over to a private show. Sometimes it gets annoying, to the point where they would basically be aggressive towards the viewers, or straight-up annoying.

Even the one guy who was doing a live show wasn’t really up to my standard, the lovense toy was lodged in his booty, and he would moan and make some erotic moves along the way, without any real material to jerk off for.

With Prices, It Gets Even Worse

Let’s talk money, for what it’s worth I don’t think it’s fair to spend up to $7 for a minute of fun, even though we’re talking about a 1-on-1 show. The average rates go at 40 credits which translates into $5, it’s somewhat a better price, but not actually what it should be considering what you get in return.

You will have the 120 credits for “free” on the first sign-up, where you’ll be obligated to link a payment option for all future endeavors. With those credits, you basically get 3 mins of a private show tops and anything else you’ll have to pay out of your pocket of course.


Is this gay cam site worth it? I wouldn’t say so, they even have a link for some shady website unrelated to Freegaywebcams, hiding in plain sight in the navigation bar, between all the other legit things. It’s just the tip of an iceberg, the pricing, lack of choices, everything plays into the cons, with very few pros, and they are just a straight-up copy from the original.

There is a tonne of better sites that even have truly free shows or the ones with cheaper but content-heavy private shows. This site pales in comparison, almost to the point where it’s not even worthy of paying a visit to see what it’s got to offer, so it’s better to stick with trusted, proven websites.

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