BrutusK Video Chat

For a man like BrutusK, camming isn’t just about showing off his muscular body and dominating twinks and subs, it’s much more than that. He likes to express his creativity like no other male cam model does, mainly by doing roleplay and cosplay, doing make-up to transform into fictional characters, and then combining that with his sexual urges.

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BrutusK Video Chat

Usually he starts by talking dirty, you can hear all kinds of filth coming out of his mouth, and it’s granted to make you engage with him. Next thing you know he’s commanding you to worship his body, and it’s definitely worthy of admiration. He’s going to flex and show off his alpha male side, telling you to stick that tongue out and lick him from nipples to toes.

This is a guy who loves posing, so you’ll have a lot to work with. Of course, it wouldn’t be the whole package without a massive cock. His certainly fits into that category, and he can’t wait to use it on you during a gay video chat session. Once he starts binding you with ropes, restricting your freedom, it’s going to reach the near-full size, and when he sees that tight ass in front of him, it’s game on.

You’ll have to lick his ass while he’s jerking off, and then you’re going to bend over and spread your ass cheeks for him. He can’t wait to see your ass getting stretched by a big dildo, with each thrust becoming more and more potent in speed and depth. You’re going to take it in balls deep, all until his cock starts throbbing and releasing all the semen.

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